News Releases 2019Meiden starts operating a new hands-on safety experience truck equipped with an advanced VR system

Meidensha Corporation (Meiden) has started operating a new hands-on safety experience truck for its employees today.
This is the latest move made by Meiden to provide a much-needed safety education. Since 2008, Meiden has provided its employees with a hands-on safety experience education, aimed at enhancing their ability to sense potential dangers at the workplace. It has been providing similar education for a fee to its clients’ factories and construction sites since December 2016. The reason for this move is the increasing number of industrial accidents caused by the insufficient number of workers assigned to each workplace and the current domestic construction shoot-up in the run up to the 2020 Tokyo Games. The demand for hands-on safety experience education among companies has increased in their pursuit of a more effective education technique, following the surge in industrial accidents caused due to the lack of experience among young workers and the inertia of veteran workers.

Meiden plans to use the new truck at its factories and facilities. During the fiscal year 2019, the truck will be stationed in Meiden’s Numazu Works in Shizuoka Prefecture. From the fiscal year 2020, it will be circulated among Meiden’s three domestic production hubs – Ota Works, Nagoya Works and KOFU MEIDENSHA ELECTRIC MFG. CO., LTD. – with each hub using it for one to three months at a time.

This truck has a few distinctive differences from the previous one, which was introduced in the fiscal year 2016. First, it is equipped with a new virtual reality system*, allowing employees to have more realistic experiences inside the truck, a stark contrast to the previous VR systems that were used in meeting rooms and elsewhere. Second, the new truck can be used in rainy weather – excluding major storms like typhoons – while the previous truck could not offer some of the curriculum items in rains since some pieces of the equipment were not water-proof.

A ceremony to mark the completion of the new truck was held today at Numazu Works, which was attended by 52 people – 24 Meiden officials and 28 customers and officials from the company’s partners.

Summary of the speech made by Meiden President Takeshi Miida at the ceremony

Safety is a topic of utmost importance for any company. Hands-on safety experience education is designed to specifically demonstrate dangers existing in the workplace, allowing employees to intuitively understand the potential dangers around them. It also aims to help complement the lack of sufficient experience of workers engaged in relevant operations, while enhancing their safety awareness by having them learn safety and hygiene issues as an experience, not as a notion. There is nothing that can make me happier than maximum number of people receiving the hands-on safety experience education to reduce industrial accidents. I wish all of you here today the best and pray for the prosperities of our clients and partner companies.

Meiden will spearhead safety education to eradicate industrial accidents.


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