News Releases 2020Safety Promotion Center opened to improve awareness on safety

Meidensha Corporation (Meiden) opened “Safety Promotion Center” in Numazu Works to improve awareness on safety.

Safety Promotion Center is a place for employees to learn about past industrial accidents which occurred at Meiden and think about safety.

Outline of the Center

The Center consists of five zones.

1. Safety Introduction Zone

There is a message board from Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer, Norio Takekawa.

2. Safety Initiatives Zone

It shows the historical table of the number of accidents and our safety initiatives.

3. Safety Value Zone

It details on the status and causes of past industrial accident cases and also showed the measures taken to prevent the re-occurrence.

4. Understanding Safety Zone

There are videos showing the interviews with those who went through the industrial accidents.

5. Oath to the Safety Zone

Business units managers in charge of production line or project site have written their determination to safety on ema in this zone.

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