News Releases 2020Announcing the establishment of MEIDEN NANOPROCESS INNOVATIONS, Inc. and new product launch

Meidensha Corporation (Meiden) is announcing the establishment of MEIDEN NANOPROCESS INNOVATIONS, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary, on April 1, 2020.

MEIDEN NANOPROCESS INNOVATIONS, Inc. (NPI) will offer a suite of products and services based around Meiden’s cutting-edge Pure Ozone Generator, which delivers a continuous flow of high-purity ozone (≥99.6%) for processes including ALD, CVD and MBE. One of the hallmarks of Meiden’s R&D has been the development of room-temperature film deposition technology using the Pure Ozone Generator, and NPI has been founded with the intention of enhancing the speed and agility with which the company can develop new Pure Ozone applications to meet the semiconductor industry’s evolving needs. Responsiveness and adaptability are at the core of MNI’s foundational principles, and the new company will strive to create an environment that encourages partnerships with clients and businesses, and is appealing to investors.

Meiden intends for NPI to be a role model, with an environment that encourages innovation and success in turning ideas into products.

NPI will be launching a new product on April 1, as well: a new ALD/OER film-deposition system which combines a Pure Ozone Generator with a deposition chamber. Inside the deposition chamber, argon gas can be constantly supplied in a low-pressure environment. Trimethylaluminum (TMA) gas, ethylene gas and pure ozone gas are alternately supplied to a processed substrate via shower head to create an aluminum oxide (Al2O3) film. The film composition can be adjusted by changing the type of metal gas used. 

NPI’s suite of products and process services are designed to meet the semiconductor industry’s demand for flexible and waterproof films for liquid crystal displays. Other possible applications include films for PET beverage bottles, and manufacturing parts to reduce automobile weight.

Meiden and NPI will continue to develop industry-leading technologies built on over 120 years of excellence in engineering, to meet the world’s ever-evolving technological needs. 

New product ALD/OER film-deposition system

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