News Releases 2020Meiden wins prize at 2019 Environmental Human Resource Development Corporate Awards

Meidensha Corporation (Meiden) has received an Incentive Prize in the Environmental Human Resource Development Corporate Awards for the first time. These awards are sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment and the Environmental Consortium for Leadership Development (EcoLeaD).*1

These awards aim to increase the number of companies that help improve the environment, society and the economy simultaneously. They commend companies that develop employees capable of initiating actions that ensure their employers take environmentally conscious management policies. This was the sixth year the awards have been held.

Candidate companies are comprehensively assessed on employee-initiated actions to protect the environment, corporate support for these activities, and basic steps to foster human resources with solid environmental awareness, including their regular employee training.

Meiden and 17 associated companies in Japan and 11 overseas companies, mainly production sites, of the Meiden Group have obtained the ISO14001 Certification, which is the international standard for an effective environmental management system. Moreover, the group actively encourages and supports suppliers without ISO14001 to obtain the Eco-Action 21 Environmental Management Systems*2 certification, which is recommended by the Ministry of the Environment. By doing so, the group has implemented environmental management systems through its entire value chain and focused on human resource development. The group’s activities as a whole spurred the involvement of its suppliers, a commitment that was a major factor in being awarded the prize.

The Meiden Group’s basic environmental philosophy is “Contribute to people, society and the global environment to make a world a better place to live.” The Group will help create a sustainable society by adopting environmental management systems through its business operations, namely the production, sales and maintenance of electrical equipment and systems that support social and industrial infrastructure.

Meiden Group’s environmental activities:
Press release by the Ministry of the Environment:

*1 EcoLeaD is a practical platform through which participants disseminate and exchange information on the development of environmental human resources – employees committed to making the economy and society greener. It comprises universities, companies, central and local governments, non-governmental organizations and international entities.

*2 Japan’s Eco-Action 21 Environmental Management Systems have been stipulated by the Ministry of the Environment. They are based on the “PDCA cycle” and detail ways organizations and other entities can voluntarily protect the environment. PDCA is an acronym for “Plan, Do, Check and Action.” 

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