News Releases 2020Meiden starts selling mouth shield that protects construction workers from airborne droplets

Meidensha Corporation (Meiden) today started selling a mouth shield that can easily be attached to and detached from a helmet for construction or manufacturing workers.

Demand for mouth shields is rising to stop construction workers from suffering heat stroke at a time when mask-wearing is recommended to prevent COVID-19 infection via droplets spread in the air. Meiden developed this new helmet-attachable product by modifying a commercially available mouth shield based on suggestions from would-be users, including young construction workers. Patent is pending for this product as of September 2020.

Meiden conducted experiments on the spread of droplets when a sneezer wore a mouth shield and when they did not. These experiments confirmed that the mouth shield effectively prevented droplets from scattering in the air.

The scatter of droplets when a sneezer wore no mouth shield

The scatter of droplets when a sneezer wore the mouth shield
(Photos taken using Shin Nippon Air Technologies Co., Ltd.’s fine particle visualization system)

<Effects of using the product>
・A mouth shield clipped to a helmet’s chin strap can effectively block frontward scatter of droplets during conversations. Also capable of blocking droplets emitted by a person in front of the wearer.
・Using the clip reduces ear pain and discomfort associated with wearing a mouth shield for many hours.
・Using the product together with air-conditioned clothing enhances comfort because a cool breeze will reach the mouth area.
・The clip can be replaced with a rubber strap when the user wears a cap or hat without a chin strap.

Meiden is dedicated to enhancing the health and safety of construction and manufacturing workers by providing products that help prevent COVID-19 infection and heat stroke.

Product details

Name: MEIDEN Mouth Shield
Items per unit: One mouth shield, one nose pad, two clips
Price:  ¥280 per unit (before consumption tax)
Sales agent: Meiden Kohsan Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer: Toyo-Nameplate Inc.

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