News Releases 2020Meiden’s sewerage PR project wins grand prize at 2020 GKP PR Awards

Meidensha Corporation (Meiden) has won the grand prize at the 2020 GKP PR Awards given by Gesuido Koho Platform (GKP)*1, an organization dedicated to promoting and sharing information on sewerage systems.

The grand prize was given to a project Meiden, TOA GROUT KOGYO CO.,LTD. and the Asahi Shimbun carried out in fiscal 2019. The project is called “Guess Ii! Project” (Project on future disaster preparedness from the perspective of the sewerage system).*2

In this project¸ Meiden and TOA GROUT KOGYO asked university students who have undergone practical teaching training to study the role and importance of the sewerage system. The students were then dispatched to teach high school students about this topic. These high school students further studied the sewerage system by themselves, identified problems in the system and proposed solutions to sewerage companies. By doing so, they tackled these issues as their own problems.

GKP applauded the project for connecting university students with high school students through direct interactions as well as sharing information through social media.

Established in 2013, the awards recognize and commend public relations activities that enhance awareness of sewerage infrastructure, thereby boosting such activities in the industry.

Meiden, whose corporate mission is “Illuminating a more affluent tomorrow,” will continue to convey the importance of social infrastructure for generations to come.


Comment after receiving the grand prize (Meidensha Corporation and Toa Grout Kogyo Co., Ltd.)

We are very grateful to have received this esteemed prize at the GPK PR Awards. This cooperative PR project by our companies transcended generations and industries. We are delighted that our endeavors, which involved sharing knowledge among different age groups, were deemed worthy of this prize. In this fiscal year, we remain engaged in online activities that share information and happiness among people of many ages.

*1 Established in 2012.
*2 What is “Guess Ii !! Project”? The name combines the English word “guess” and the Japanese word “gesui” (sewer). The project was launched to create a more positive image (“ii !” in Japanese, meaning “good !”) of the sewerage system by raising awareness of this infrastructure that is often hidden from the public eye but plays a crucial role in our daily lives. For more details (in Japanese) about the project, see this link: (

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