News Releases 2020Meiden wins encouragement prize at EcoPro Awards

Eco-friendly activities conducted by Meidensha Corporation (Meiden) have won an encouragement prize at the third EcoPro Awards presented by the Sustainable Management Promotion Organization (SuMPO). Meiden was selected from among 47 entries for the prize.

The EcoPro Awards commend products, services, technologies, solutions and business models that give effective, tangible consideration to the environment and are highly regarded by business operators, consumers, investors and market players in Japan. These awards are especially significant at a time when our society and economy is are undergoing drastic changes due to economic globalization, implementation of the Paris Agreement on climate change and stipulation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Meiden’s entry in the EcoPro Awards was titled, “Endeavors to cut greenhouse gas emissions in our value chain through businesses related to renewable energy and electric vehicles.” Meiden is the first Japanese company that has procured funds with Green Bonds to build facilities that produce intermediate goods for electric vehicles. Meiden also is the first Japanese private firm enterprise to obtain certification from the Climate Bonds Initiative*, which sets stringent global standards for raising bonds for climate change solutions. In addition to these initiatives, Meiden uses renewable power by purchasing non-fossil fuel energy certificates with tracking information and actively works to improve environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards in its operations. By giving the award to Meiden, SuMPo recognized the value of these factors.

The Meiden Group will help make society more sustainable and reduce the environmental footprint of its business activities through its operations, products, technologies and services that have long supported social infrastructure and industrial systems.

Meiden's Green Bonds

In July 2019, Meiden issued Green Bonds through a public offering to procure funds to build facilities to mass-produce electric motors and inverters. For details about the Green Bonds, refer to the following link.


Procurement of renewable power through use of non-fossil fuel energy certificates with tracking information

In November 2019, Meiden started procuring effectively renewable energy at some of its facilities, including the Meiden R&D Center, which generates zero carbon dioxide emissions due to its use of electricity. For details, refer to the link below.

*CBI, an international nongovernmental organization based in the United Kingdom, is dedicated to promoting large-scale investment in projects and assets needed to realize a low-carbon economy.


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