News Releases 2020Meiden sells power conditioner system for NAS battery at Hitachi Automotive Systems plant

Meidensha Corporation (Meiden) has installed a power conditioner system (PCS) for a sodium-sulfur (NAS) battery, which helps ensure a stable electricity power supply, at the Sawa Works facility of Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd. The PCS started operating at the plant in Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture, in July 2020.

The PCS enables the plant to level off its electricity load in ordinary times, control power demand during peak usage hours in summer, and stably supply electricity during outages in line with a business continuity plan to be implemented during an emergency.

Meiden received the order through Japan Facility Solutions, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of TEPCO Energy Partner, Inc. The 3,600kVA power conditioner is used for a NAS battery produced by NGK Insulators, Ltd.

Advantages of the PCS

■Leveling off electricity load during ordinary times
The system makes it possible to curb use of electricity from a contracted utility company by storing electricity in the NAS battery at night when demand is low and discharging the power when demand is high.

■Controlling power demand during peak hours in summer
When electric power company ask clients to lower power demand due to forecasts of a tight supply during summer heat waves or winter cold snaps, a company can receive incentive for the amount of electricity it saved in designated timeframes. The PCS is capable of charging and discharging from the NAS battery when such a power-saving request is made.

■Power supply during outage as part of business continuity plan
A power outage caused by a problem in the grid after a disaster or a lightning strike can cut off power supply at production lines, compromising product quality and causing huge financial damage. This PCS can supply electricity power independent of the power grid during an outage, making it possible to restart key facilities before the power grid has been restored.

Meiden's power conditioners for energy storage system have been installed at more than 100 locations (amounting to a total of 200MVA) since they went on sale in 1996. The company aims to boost the number of sites equipped with a Meiden power conditioner so clients can control power demand even when the supply is tight – a situation expected to happen more frequently in the future. These products also can meet the needs of customers keen to strengthen their business continuity plans at a time when climate change-triggered disasters are on the rise.

Specifications of Meiden PCS for NAS battery

Note: NAS is a registered trademark of NGK Insulators, Ltd. and Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. NAS Battery is a product name of the latter.

PCS made by Meiden and installed at the Sawa Works facility of Hitachi Automotive Systems.

Meiden website of PCS for storage batteries


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