News Releases 2020High-tech, eco-friendly Manabi-ya skills training center opens

Meidensha Corporation (Meiden) has completed construction of the Manabi-ya skills training center at the Numazu Works facility. The center aims to ensure specialist manufacturing skills are smoothly and quickly handed down to younger employees so the company’s workforce retains this expertise. A ceremony to celebrate the center’s completion was held on October 5.

The Manabi-ya skills training center

Manabi-ya, an eco-friendly building constructed with energy-saving materials and equipment, received the highest ranking of five stars in the Building-house Energy-efficiency Labeling System (BELS). The building’s first floor features machinery used in four manufacturing fields: transformation of electrical energy, power conversion, variable speed control and water treatment. Experience-based training using this machinery is aimed at boosting employees’ understanding and skills, thereby elevating the skill level of the entire Meiden Group.

The digital zone on the second floor provides experience-based education by using information and communications technology (ICT). This zone features augmented reality devices based on three-dimensional models of machinery and equipment, and virtual reality devices for learning based on a triaxial simulator, which allows participants to feel motion, for safety education. In the classroom section, lecturers permanently stationed at the facility share their expertise at Meiden Group’s Wakate juku (cram school for younger employees) and foster human assets with extensive knowledge about Meiden’s products.

Numazu Mayor Shuichi Yorishige attended the completion ceremony and toured the new building. Meiden will allow schools in Numazu and its vicinity to use the facility for class trips and internships. Enabling effective use of this facility will contribute to the local region. 

Meiden President Takeshi Miida, left, and Numazu Mayor Shuichi Yorishige attend the Miyabi-ya completion ceremony.

Mayor Yorishige experiences the triaxial simulator.

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