News Releases 2020Meiden wins ‘Recognition of TQM Achievement’ of Japan Quality Recognition Award (JQRA)

Meidensha Corporation (Meiden) has won the Recognition of TQM Achievement (RQA) of the Japan Quality Recognition Award (JQRA) for 2020, which is sponsored by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers.*1 It is the first time Meiden has received the honor.

JQRA is a commendation established in 2000 to foster excellent companies that can survive and succeed in intense global competition through implementation of total quality management (TQM)*2 suitable to them. The award consists of two prizes, with the other being the Recognition of Quality Innovation (RQI).

The RQA that Meiden won is designed to honor an organization that has succeeded in producing substantial results through the establishment of an efficient quality management system. The subject for the award is the TQM practiced at Meiden’s Plant Construction & Engineering Business (PCEB) Group.

The plant construction division specializes in the engineering of factory-related products and services, from plans, designs and construction works as well as peripheral facilities. Under the corporate vision of “aiming to be an engineering group that can win trust of customers and stably provide at home and abroad human resources who contribute to society,” Meiden has been reinforcing its corporate activities through such efforts as labor saving, improvement in productivity and realization of work-style reforms, by utilizing information and communication technology. As a result, the company has realized improved profitability, reduced the total working hours and failure incident rate, secured sufficient engineers and raised employee satisfaction.

(Left) The award ceremony on Nov. 11. Norio Takekawa, Director & Senior Managing Executive Officer and General Manager, Plant Construction & Engineering Business (PCEB) Group, is seen in the front row, third from right.
(Right) A scene from an online meeting to screen award applications

The Meiden Group will continue to promote reform and improvement activities and make efforts toward improving the quality of workers as well as technology levels, to contribute to building and fostering safe and secure social infrastructure.

*1: The Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) was established with the basic objective to promote various activities needed for the advancement of science and technology, with a view toward contributing to the development of industry. It widely provides projects concerning business management technology, especially those for improving corporate ability to improve quality, mainly based on quality control.
*2: TQM is a business management approach comprising concepts, initiatives, methods, mechanisms and methodologies for improving and maintaining various aspects of a corporation’s activities.

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