News Releases 2021Meiden to use locally generated, CO2-free electricity at Ohta Works in Gunma Prefecture
Important production base to tap renewable energy source generated by hydro power

Meidensha Corporation (Meiden) started procuring locally generated electricity that does not produce carbon dioxide for its Ohta Works in Gunma Prefecture from April 2021. It is a significant step toward becoming a more environmentally friendly company. Ohta Works, located in the city of Ohta, is one of Meiden’s main production bases in Japan. Meiden has been procuring carbon dioxide-free electricity on an experimental basis for some facilities, including the R&D Center in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo, but this latest move is the first full-scale introduction of CO2-free power at a Meiden production base.

Meiden’s new procurement initiative uses the “Dengen Gunma Suiryoku Plan”*1, a scheme offered by Gunma Prefecture and TEPCO Energy Partner, Inc. to provide electricity generated by hydro power plants in the prefecture. This system is designed to locally consume electricity generated at hydro power plants directly run by the prefecture, except pumped storage plants and those subject to the central government’s feed-in tariff scheme for renewable energy sources. CO2 emissions accompanying this power consumption will be zero. Part of the electricity procurement charges are earmarked for the prefecture’s environmental preservation projects and will thus benefit the local community.

Ohta Works was established in 1977 as a factory specializing in making rotating machines. Its main products are large and midsize rotating machines, power generation devices and power measuring equipment used for vehicle research and development. Environmentally considerate devices are developed and produced at the factory. Meiden has delivered a considerable number of power generators manufactured at Ohta Works to hydro power plants in Gunma Prefecture. The factory consumes about 10 percent of electricity used by the entire Meiden Group.*2 In the years ahead, Ohta Works will manufacture products including hydro power generation equipment using electricity generated at the hydro power plants, a type of renewable energy source.

Meiden Group is considering the procurement of electricity produced by renewable energy sources for other production bases. We will continue to prioritize efforts to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases that accompanies our corporate activities, such as by establishing eco-friendly facilities. The Group will also help realize a sustainable society by developing and delivering products and services that help protect the environment.

– Meidensha press release (2019-11-07): Meiden switches to electricity with zero CO2 emission at its R&D Center and another facility

– Information on products and services: Hydroelectric power systems

*1: “Dengen Gunma Suiryoku Plan” is awaiting trade mark registration in Gunma Prefecture.
*2: Power consumption for fiscal 2019 was 7,123MWh.

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