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Free-address seat reservation system introduced to Meiden offices

Meidensha Corporation (Meiden) has developed a free-address seat reservation system in cooperation with Group company Meiden System Solutions Corporation with a view toward preventing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infections. Meiden has already started in-house use of the system ahead of its sale in the future.

This system is based on the concept of avoiding the “Three Cs” (Closed spaces, Crowded places and Close-contact settings) at office spaces to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 by visualizing which seats are occupied so that employees can keep from sitting close too each other in order to maintain social distancing.

Overview of the system

■ Use of Cybozu’s Garoon for scheduling*
Users can check seat availability and make reservations on a computer or digital device even when out of the office building.

■ Ensure social distancing in meeting rooms and between seats
The system is capable of recognizing crowded settings and preventing a user from selecting a seat next to or in front of occupied seats.

■ Capable of tracking use history despite free address
The user registers the start time and selects the scheduled end time of use on the terminal, which enables the use history to be tracked even though this is a free-address system. If a case of COVID-19 occurs at the office, the history can be tracked to determine the area that needs disinfection or to identify the persons who have had close contact with the infected person.

■ Analysis possible based on use data
Since data on the use of seats can be outputted in CSV form, it is useful for analyzing seat use and changing office layouts.

Meiden has been using this system since September 2020 at its R&D Center’s
Plant Construction & Engineering Business (PCEB) Group. We also plan to gradually install the system in Meiden offices in the Tokyo area, while preparing for its sale set for December 2020.

*Garoon is a registered trademark of Cybozu, Inc.

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