News Releases 2021Meiden started selling the latest version of unmanned transport vehicle mounted with collaborative robot, with 30% lower production cost

Meidensha Corporation (Meiden) has completed the development of RocoMo-V, an unmanned transport vehicle mounted with a collaborative robot made by Funac Corporation, and started selling the product in April 2021.

The product is the latest version of the RocoMo-V, which was put on the market in November 2019.

The product is mounted with the FANUC Robot CRX-10iA/L*1, Funac’s latest collaborative robot, which is capable of handling a load up to 10 kilograms and being connected to the robot’s peripheral equipment, such as a gripper and camera. The robot has a round and even shape to reduce the risk of being caught by its arm. Moreover, operational personnel can teach the robot how to move by directly guiding its arm.

The robot’s carriage, called an automatic guided vehicle (AGV), can operate omnidirectionally. LiDAR (light detection and ranging) system, a technology that enables it to map its course, helps it quickly adapt to changes in the layout of factory equipment. It is also compatible with SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping), which enables the vehicle to estimate its current position while traveling. Wireless charging is available as an option. This enables undisturbed charging in any working environment by avoiding poorly fitting electrical contacts caused by dust, oil and other impurities.

The latest model of RocoMo-V

With the development of this product, Meiden was able to reduce the production cost by 30 percent compared to that of its previous model by optimizing AGV functions and reviewing the components. This product has succeeded in increasing the data traffic volume between AGV and the robot by a factor of 50, improving their interactions and allowing our customers to create more complex industrial systems.

Recently, more companies need to save manpower in transportation and other operations, or even make them unmanned through automatization in response to changes in the ways people work to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Meiden will continue to contribute to improving productivity, reducing labor by employees, and work-style reform in manufacturing and other industries through its AGV.


Automatic Guided Vehicle

 Operation method

 Route data method

 Guidance system

 Magnetic guidance, SLAM guidance

 Driving and Steering system

 Two-wheel differential drive unit x 2

 Direction of travel

 (forward, backward, sideways, diagonally, spin-turn)

 Loading capacity

 64 kilograms
 (54 kilograms for carrying capacity;
 10 kilograms as weight capacity for the robot arm)

 Maximum speed

 60 meters per minute
 (forward and backward);
 30 meters per minute

 Stopping accuracy

 Plus/minus 10 millimeters
 (magnetic guidance)
 Plus/minus 50 millimeters
 (SLAM guidance, depending on conditions)


 2 percent
 (in five consecutive meters)

 Route conditions

 Height difference up to two millimeters
 Ditch width up to 10 millimeters
 Waviness up to five millimeters

 Charging system

 Automatic charging
  Right side: contact charging
  (standard feature)
  Left side: non-contact charging (option)


 Lead shield battery 24V 100Ah
  (standard feature)
 Lead shield battery 24V 70Ah
 for fast charging (option)

 Safety devices

 Bumpers, obstacle sensors, alarm system,
 lamps indicating travel direction,
 emergency stop button, self-examination system

 Communication features

 2.4G Wi-Fi*1 (AGV-Outside)
 2.4 G, 5G Wi-Fi (Robot-Outside)
 Ethernet/IP (Robot-AGV)*2

 Operating environment

 0-45 ℃, 20-80 in relative humidity
 without dew formation


 Collaborative robot

 CRX-10iA/L by Funac Corporation

 Controlling device

 R-30iB Mini Plus by Funac Corporation

*1 Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance
*2 Ethernet is a registered trademark of (former) Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

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