News Releases 2021Meiden System Solutions offers industrial safety data web portal via subscription

Meiden System Solutions Corporation, a subsidiary of Meidensha Corporation (Meiden), on October 1 will start providing a web portal that enables corporate groups in the manufacturing and construction sector to uniformly manage safety-related data within each group. The cloud platform, offered on a monthly subscription basis, will enable each corporate group to manage information and reports on near-miss or close-call incidents and industrial accidents in addition to safety patrolling.

Thanks to strenuous corporate efforts to ensure safety at work, the number of industrial accidents at factories and construction sites is on the decline. But since it is difficult to totally eliminate industrial accidents caused by human error, making employees more aware of the dangers associated with their work is an urgent task to tackle.

Using the web portal will make it possible for corporate groups to analyze their data so that they can educate their employees on industrial safety and alert them about workplace safety hazards ¬– a crucial step toward eradicating industrial accidents.

The monthly subscription scheme allows clients to cut the costs of introducing such a platform which requires a server, software and other elements of a system. The web portal is accessible through the Internet via PC, smartphone and tablet*. If a corporate group becomes a subscriber, it can share data with its group companies.

Currently, only the “Light Plan”, with functions to manage “Near-miss/close-call data”, “industrial accident reports” and “safety patrolling data,” is available, but Meiden System Solutions is scheduled to introduce other plans with expanded functions.

■About functions of the Safety Data Portal Site

1. Near-miss/close-call incidents

This function collects and analyze data on near-miss or close-call incidents experienced by employees at hazardous spots in the workplace. If an employee inputs such an experience on the platform, the data will be reported to their boss and then to the department managing the workplace. Doing so can result in a swift response and remedy to the troubled spot. It is possible for each company to set its own route of reporting. Inputted data on near-miss/close-call incidents can be aggregated and automatically made into a graph for better visualization – a convenient feature to grasp the trend and analyze the data. Photos and videos can be easily attached to the data when accessing the portal from a smartphone or tablet.

2. Industrial accident reports
This function is designed to record and analyze industrial accidents that have occurred in workplace. When such an accident has occurred, a person in charge will input required information about the accident, its causes and preventive measures. This information will also be reported in stages – to the manager, the department in charge of the workplace and senior management for swift reporting. This function also comes with an automatic graph-making feature for an easy analysis of what caused the accident, as well as for the implementation of preventive measures. Furthermore, an industrial accident report can automatically made into a filled-out form prescribed by the Labor Standards Inspection Office for printing, eliminating the need to hand-write on the form.

3. Safety Patrolling
This function is designed to share records of safety patrolling conducted at workplace. An employee can register information as they inspect the workplace, removing the hassle of making a paper report and then inputting the data on PC. Each workplace can choose and display items it needs to inspect. Aside from the inspection items, the inspectors can freely write in good points or measures needed to rectify the situation. Photos can also be attached.

■Monthly fees

No. of users

Fee (including consumption tax)

Up to 50










1,001 or more


The Meiden Group will provide solutions to help eradicate industrial accidents and make your workplace a safer place to work.

*Only the near-miss/close-call function can be accessed via smartphone.

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