News Releases 2021METI selects Meiden System Solutions as a Digital Transformation Certified Company

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has certified Meiden System Solutions Corporation, a subsidiary of Meidensha Corporation (Meiden), as a company proactively promoting digital transformation (DX).

Under the Digital Transformation Certified Companies initiative, METI recognizes companies that also meet basic requirements specified in the Digital Governance Code set by the ministry. The initiative was launched in November 2020 to promote DX mainly by corporations but also society as a whole. A certified company is acknowledged as having a corporate vision, strategy and system geared toward promoting DX. As of October 1, 2021, 194 companies, including Meiden System Solutions, had been certified.

Meiden System Solutions, a computer system development company that excels in developing, designing and manufacturing software, has contributed to society by providing products and services to infrastructure-related domains. The company also provides products and offers solutions featuring digital technologies to a wide range of areas, such as “machine bidding systems” for flowers and used cars to streamline bidding procedures and improve customer experiences. It also provides a virtual reality system that enables participants in an industrial safety seminar to virtually experience industrial accidents to boost their safety awareness.

With regards to DX, Meiden System Solutions has:
・Developed digital human resources, an organization and a corporate climate geared toward proposing solutions and providing services to address clients’ problems.
・Made efforts to change its corporate awareness and strengthen its promotion of DX by, for example, sponsoring DX Innovation Challenge 2021, a project to develop human resources for generating new businesses.

Furthermore, the company established a DX Strategy Office in April 2021 to strategically pursue business transformation and to build new business models. For example, it has provided new value by offering subscription-based services to solve industrial safety issues based on xR, or cross reality, encompassing augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality.

Meiden System Solutions was certified because it met the requirements METI stipulated for DX promotion. The ministry also applauded the direction, policy and undertakings stipulated in Meiden’s Medium-term Management Plan 2024, which started April 2021, in addition to its proper disclosure of information to stakeholders.

Under its Medium-term Management Plan, the Meiden Group is pursuing business operations based on management acutely aware of ESG (environment, society and governance) standards and making DX one central foundation of its corporate activities. The group aims to rebuild its corporate competitiveness through digitalization initiatives by gaining new digital-driven capabilities in addition to existing competitive edges gained through technological and engineering prowess.

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