News Releases 2022The business TV show “Choice of the Wise: FUSION” featuring Meidensha is available on YouTube.

Meidensha was featured on a Japanese TV show called “Choice of the Wise: FUSION.”

This show is an information program in which company top managements talk management strategies and messages in their own words through a dialogue with TV hosts to introduces the attractiveness of the company.

Based on an interview with Takeshi Miida, the president of Meidensha, the show introduced what thoughts the founder of the Company, Housui Shigemune, put into the Company name at the time of its founding, the expansion of business field of the Company since its birth as ”The Motor Expert Meiden”, the Medium-Term Management Plan, and ESG management. Also, the technical training center "Manabi-ya" which has the concept of handing down the technology and skills was also introduced.

Please check out the show on YouTube.

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