2015Automotive Testing Expo Korea 2016

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Our joined exhibition is now over. Our booth had many visitors. Thank you for your interest to our company and products.



Date 2016-1-19 - 2016-1-21

Korea International Exhibition Center(KINTEX)


Our exhibiting itemes

MEIDENSHA’s mission is to make every effort to promote customers’ R&D activities through high accuracy and high reliability of dynamometer systems.
Our systems are used in the world by our technology and long experiences .
On this exhibition, our theme is“Exhaust gas and fuel mileage test”and“Transmission test”, We introduce high technology and products with actual dynamometer, mock-up and panel boards.
MEIDENSHA has established MEIDEN KOREA Co., Ltd. to be our base of sales in Korea.
For customers in Korea, our representative contact is as follows, Mr. TAE MUK KANG(Director)

PCDY-330:Low-inertial Dynamometer
New Operation & Measurement System for Emission / Performance test CDHY: Demonstraion PC New Operation & Measurement System for Performance / Durability drivetrain test system: Demonstraion PC Scale model: three-axial-Drivetrain system
Othes: catalogs and panels of MEIDEANSHA Products