Rated Output: 5,000kVA to 45,000 kVA

Turbine Generator4-Pole Turbine Generators

It is a turbine generator which uses cylindrical rotor design and its prime movers are steam turbine or gas turbine, etc.

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Product Features

We have long years of experiences in turbine generators for industrial use and in-house power generation, and we have the customer bases at home and abroad. The prime movers of turbine generators are generally steam turbine or gas turbine. It is broadly used as a power supply for continuous, emergency or peak-shaving power supply for industrial use or for power utility business.

  • Easy maintenance as it is a brushless type generator with a permanent magnet generator.
  • We realized the ease of transportation and compact size and light weight design.
  • We improved the reliability by adopting an integrated impregnation insulation method.
  • We improved the reliability by adopting the latest design technologies.
  • It offers sophisticated control by combining the digital AVR (automatic voltage regulator).

Applications and Solutions

 It can be broadly used as a power source for continuous and emergency use and peak shaving for general industrial use or power utility business.



4-Pole Generators Standard Specifications

Item Standard Specifications Modified Specifications
Environmental conditions Ambient temperature -15-40°C Please specify when non-standard specifications are required.
Altitude 1,000 m or less
Humidity 90% or less
Types of rating Continuous

Please specify when non-standard specifications are required.

Output 5,000 kVA to 45,000 kVA
Voltage 6,600V/11,000V/13,800V
Power factor 90% (lagging)
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Number of poles 4-pole
Applicable standards JEC2130/IEC60034
Protection degree IP44 (Totally-closed splashproof type)
Cooling system IC8A1W7 (water cooling heat exchanger type)
Thermal class 155(F)  
Temperature rise limit 155(F) 130(B)
Type of rotor Cylindrical type  
Lubrication system Forced lubrication Self lubrication
Bearing support system Double bearing  
Excitation system Brushless type with permanent magnet generator (PMG) Brushless type with excitation transformer
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