Rated Output: 150 kVA to 5,000 kVA

Turbine GeneratorTurbine Generator-Small and Medium Capacity Synchronous Generators

Below 5,000 kVA generator for gas turbine, etc.

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Product Features

  • Compact size and light weight
  • High reliability
  • High performance
  • Easy maintenance and inspection
  • Low noise
  • Quick delivery

Applications and Solutions

 It works as the power supply for emergency, peak-shaving and continuous use (combined heat and power (CHP)) for buildings, hospitals, factories, etc. and contributes to all societies and all industries.



Standard Specifications


Standard Specifications


Applicable standards JEC‐2130(2000)、JEC‐2131(1985)、JEC‐1354(1998) It is also compatible with overseas regulations besides the IEC.
Type Rotating magnetic field salient pole type, with a damper winding  
Protection degree IP20 (protection type) The IP22 (drip-proof protection type) can also be produced.
Cooling system IC01 (free ventilation type)  
Rated output 150kVA to 5000kVA  
Number of poles 4-pole  
Rated voltage 200/200V、400/400V、3300V、6600V The 210 V type, the 415 V type, etc. can be also produced.
Frequency 50Hz、60Hz  
Power factor 0.8(lagging)  
Number of phases and number of wires Three-phase three-wire system The 3-phase 4-wire type can also be produced.
Type of rating Continuous  
Thermal class Class F  
Excitation system Brushless excitation system  
Bearing system Grease sealing system It is a partial grease supply system.
Color of the coated shaft Munsell symbol N5  
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