Power Reciving Substation System

Facility MaintenanceFacility Maintenance for HV Power Receiving Substation (100-66kV)

In order to maintain the customer's power receiving substation in good condition, we propose and perform periodical inspections, replacements of parts, diagnoses, and renovations. As maintenance service professionals, we provide consuling services based on the environmental investigation and facility diagnosis and provide the corrective maintence, operation control and maintenance support through our Meiden Support Center with 24/7/365 service.

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Service engineers with deep knowledge on the facility and equipment draw up the proper plant for the inspection and the part replacement period and work on preventive maintenance program based on our past database data. Our company develop the original various maintenance tools and apply to the maintenance work. It allows the inspection and diagnosis service for the mission-critical facility with the limited available downtime for the maintenance and diagnosis work. Thus we offer the high quality services.

Maintenance and inspection

If any unexpected accident in the power receiving substation takes place, it may cause a big impact such as power outage to the building and shutdown of the plant, etc.
Such accident may lead to a social problem like the secondary damage to the power company's facility. As such, it is imporatnt to conduct the periodical inspection of the substation facility using the sheduled power outage and to prevent the trouble in advance. For the long-term stable operation of substatin facility, our company performs contract maintenance and inspection service on behalf of the customer and conducts the advanced inspection works including the diagnosis of the energized facility.

In-oil gas analysis and in-oil furfural analysis
The condition and the degree of deterioration of oil-immersed products can be confirmed with an insulation oil analysis.

SF6 gas analysis
The condition and the degree of deterioration of oil-immersed products can be confirmed with a quantitative analysis of the gas ingredient volume.

Characteristic test for protection relays

Inspection of the breaker

Facility diagnosis

The partial discharge inspection associated with the deterioration of insulation materials
A waveform analysis is performed using an AE sensor.

Technique for partial discharge inspection (detecting the partial discharge caused by the insulation materials deterioration)

  • Technique for partial discharge inspection by waveform analysis using an AE sensor AE sensor: Acoustic Emmishion
  • Technique for partial discharge inspection by wave frequency analysis capturing electromagnetic waves
  • The UV rays discharged at the generation of partial discharge are visualized to specify the partical discharge generating point.

The overheated points are specified using thermography.

Technique for the thermal image daiagnosis

  • Inspection of the thermal deterioration of the incoming and transforming system using thermography
  • Contact failure and overheating, etc. due to internal deterioration

Technique for environment diagnosis

  • Evaluation of the degree of contamination of the electric facility room and on the surface of the insulation materials
  • Evaluation by analyzing the components of ions attached to the surfaces of the insulation materials

Total evaluation of the incoming substation facilities by considering the degree of impact and risks

  • Based on the total evalution including the risk evaluation taking into accounts of the valuation table of the deterioration degree of the incoming substation facility by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Japan and risk evaluation considering the degree of impact to the customer's facility by the power outage of the electrical facilities.

Renovation of the facility

The problems of facility with multiple products over average product operation life are solved by partial renovation of product one by one while utilizing as much as possible of the existing facility.

  • The renovation uses a replacement product having structural compatibility while also compatible with the electrical functions and performances.
  • Various work is performed to minimize the on-site processing work.
  • When no replacement is available, we will design and manufactured the replacement product.

Renovation of the circuit breaker
(applicable to our VR type retrofit)

Renovation of the circuit breaker
(applicable to our VJ type retrofit)

Renovation of the protection relays
(applicable to our MEDIMUL type retrofit)

Technical support service information

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