Dynamometer systems

Facility MaintenanceMaintenance service for dynamometer systems - automotive testing systems

For dynamometer systems, high functionality and high precision level are required in line with the progress of automotive technologies and many automotive testing facilities have been introduced in the auto industry. Recently, the automotive testing market calls for more precision and higher efficiency as as the cars introduce many green technologies. Dynamometer systems mainly consist of operation and measurement (CPU Unit) part, variable speed control unit, and the rotating (machinery) part. It requires the repair and maintenance service by the specialized field service engineers to maintain the stable performance. According to the product life-cycle needs of each major part, we provide the appropriate repair and maintenance service. In so doing, we could make the dynamometer sytems to be more high functional, high precision and high reliability

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Maintenance process
  • Our expert field service engineers who are familiar with facilities work on "preventive maintenance" based on accumulated data.
  • We will propose optimal repair and renovation plan to meet your needs and budget level.

Facility maintenance and inspection

High functionality and high precision are achieved with proper preventive maintenance

  1. (1) Conduct the product maintenance and inspection at the designated cycle
  2. (2) Replace the deteriorafed (consumable) parts
  3. (3) Secure the measurement accuracy

Expert field service engineers who are in the know of the dynamometer systems work on the "preventive maintenance" programs based on the big data.

Facility repair

In case of any failure or trouble of the facility, we provide the technical support service by our technical servicing hubs across Japan.

  1. (1) Provide the service by working closely between our technical servicing hubs and our main works in Japan.
  2. (2) Perfom the proper repair based on the checks of the past maintenance records and the analysis of the residual life of the facility.

Please consult us for your old products or old testing systems supplied by us or other suppliers.

Please consult us for your old products or old testing systems.

Translating the customer's needs into the fine shape

  1. (1) Higher functionality of operation and measuring parts and realizing smaller footprint
  2. (2) Higher speed and accuracy level of variable speed control unit.
  3. (3) Extending operational life of the facility and improving function

We propose the best solutions based on the "needs" and "costing factors".

Technical support service information

Click here for the details of the maintenance services and locations of Meiden Group.明電エンジニアリング 明電エンジニアグループのワンストップサービス

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