Meiden Engineering provides maintenance for a wide range of equipment used in electrical and other public infrastructure.

Water treatment plants
Commercial buildings

Meiden engineering resolves and detects customer's fundamental problems looking at the entire life cycles of equipment.

Comprehensive consulting

Our team works as maintenance professionals provide maintenance in a wide range of areas spanning everything from large-scale power supply equipment to building air conditioning systems.
We provide comprehensive solutions for clients with many different equipment types.
Our team is always ready to cousult to solve your equipment maintenance needs.
1st advantage
One-stop service
2nd advantage
Equipment Problem Solving

Problem-solving services

Along with handling actualized equipment problems, Meiden Engineering can also provide preventive maintenance and maintenance plans. These forward-looking preventive measures are designed to improve reliabilities equipment life.
1st advantage
Preventive maintenance
2nd advantage
Corrective maintenance
3rd advantage
Overall diagnosis
4th advantage
Improving Reliabilities
5th advantage
Renovation plan

Field engineering according to each equipment / facility

Meiden Engineering creates maintenance plans and solutions to equipment issues that are fit for each client’s industry and facility.
Meiden Customer Center (MCC)

Meiden Engineering has service centers located throughout Japan. Contact your nearest branch, office or sales outlet. They will be happy to assist you with your inquiry.

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