Variable-speed Drive Equipment

Inverters have become indispensable equipment amid growing expectations for greenhouse gas reductions and energy-saving from the perspective of global environmental protection. Our expert engineers have abundant know-how and knowledge of speed control equipment. They can propose appropriate maintenance plans for the entire life cycle, providing customers with the values of safety, security, and stability.


Inverter adjustment
  • We perform maintenance for variable speed equipment made by Meidensha and various other manufacturers.
  • Maintenance is performed by expert technicians with abundant know-how and knowledge of inverter equipment.
  • We can also renew products from other companies and overseas.
  • Please contact us immediately in the case of trouble. Our field engineers stationed across Japan will provide full support.

Malfunction case studies

What happens in the event of a malfunction!!

Variable speed equipment consists of numerous components. Planned inspections and parts replacement can prevent extended periods of equipment shutdown and maintain uptime.

Inverter main circuit
Electrolytic capacitor burnout
PC board
Electrolytic capacitor leakage
PC board
Electrolytic capacitor leakage
Thyristor unit burnout

Maintenance and inspection services

Advantages of a maintenance and inspection contract

To prevent defects from occurring, we undertake maintenance and inspection work on behalf of our customers for the long-term stable operation of their facilities.

  1. 01Exact inspections and appropriate parts replacements taking into account aged deterioration are possible.
  2. 02Early detection of signs of deterioration and preventive measures in advance of failure.
  3. 03We can assist with customer Business Continuity Plans (BCP).
  4. 04Our expert engineers make proposals for improvements and modifications, and provide support with high quality technical capabilities.

Maintenance management support

Failure rates increase with aged deterioration and environmental factors.
We propose the optimal inspection cycle and renewal schedule.

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