Semiconductor Manufacturing Device

We propose the optimal maintenance services for diverse conditions, and contribute to our customers' cost reductions and uptime improvement through our services.


  • Supporting the life cycle of semiconductor manufacturing equipment with our engineering capabilities.
  • Experienced technicians respond quickly in Japan and other locations according to the customer's request.
  • Our technical capabilities enable repairs or modifications to units with parts that are difficult to obtain due to their age, thereby extending operational life.
  • Provision of high quality refurbished equipment at a low price and quick lead time.

Basic services

Maintenance services

We make proposals in pursuit of improved uptime, and maintenance and management of equipment.

<Main services>

  • Field services such as periodic inspections and troubleshooting; preventive maintenance; maintenance by stationed technicians; equipment dismantling and relocation; ancillary facility services; etc.

Repair service

We provide reliable repair techniques based on our many years of experience.

<Product line>

  • PC boards, various power supply units, RF-related equipment, mass flow controllers, heat exchangers, etc.

Equipment refurbishment service

We offer superior technical capabilities with a proven track record.

<Product line>

  • CVD equipment, PVD equipment, exposure equipment, etching equipment, etc.

Special services

Equipment life extension service

We extend the life of older equipment and devices with an extensive menu of services.


  • Utilization of alternative technologies for equipment that cannot be repaired due to unavailability of parts, etc.
  • Reduce costs by repair-based approach and improved reliability by alternative technologies

Online communications service

Automated product start-up processing through remote control.


  • Mediation between the customer's production control system and equipment, and remote control though command transfer
  • Linkage between related products, such as AI anomaly determination, data collection, etc.


As a distributor of Oak Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. we handle exposure equipment for semiconductors.

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