About Us

Meiden Engineering works as a team of professionals dedicated to maintaining electrical and other public infrastructure equipment. Helping our clients grow their business while adapting to meet the world's ever-evolving needs.

President's Message

Representative Director
Director and President
Makoto Shiojiri

Since our founding in 1965, Meiden Engineering has provided a diverse group of clients with maintenance services for their electrical facilities, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, mechanical equipment and related equipment. Continually focusing on the client's needs has helped us to build up a solid reputation over many years.
We continue to reap the benefits of a corporate culture that has remained a constant since our founding. We are committed to developing innovations and providing a comprehensive range of services while growing alongside our clients and an ever-evolving world.

Meiden Engineering works on achieving sustainability in all three areas of impact—the environment, the community and the economy. To achieve this goal, we provide solution services focusing on life cycle engineering tied closely to the community. We collaborate on projects targeting the realization of innovation and the human domain as we help grow our clients' business while adding value to the world.
We'd like to thank all our stakeholders and customers for their ongoing feedback and support.

Works in field engineering for the Meiden Group, handling site problems by the power of people and technology.

Continuing the legacy of technology cultivated from sites throughout Japan

Meiden Engineering provides a diverse lineup of training programs for professional skill improvement at its "Manabi-ya" training facility. (located in Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan)We work on maintaining and improving our technologies while nurturing capable human resources.

Nationwide service network

Meiden Engineering has business offices located throughout Japan. We have created a system that enables rapid responses to client requests.

Company Profile

Established July 8, 2013 <Founded: April 22, 1965>
Representative Director, President Makoto Shiojiri
Head Office Meiko Building, Osaki 5-5-5 , Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-8607 Japan
Capital ¥400 million (JPY)
Number of Employees 1,064 (as of April 1, 2024)
Company Certifications Construction permit Permit No.: Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Permit (Special-5) No. 25111
Type of construction business: Electrical construction business, machinery and equipment installation business, telecommunications construction business
ISO 9001 registration number JMAQA-2723
ISO 14001 registration number JMAQA-E966
ISO 27001 registration number JMAQA-S181

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Mission
Realization of a more affluent and environmentally aware society
Value Provision
We offer complete environmental consideration and appropriate support for our customers


1965 Apr. Established Meiden Engineering Corporation
1968 Mar. Established Osaka Meiden Engineering Corporation
1970 Oct. Established Nagoya Meiden Engineering Corporation
1974 Apr. Established Fukuoka and Sapporo Meiden Engineering Corporation
1982 Nov. Established Shizuoka Meiden Engineering Corporation
1987 Oct. Merged company of six and located the head office at Tokyo
1993 Feb. Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
1995 Sep. Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
1997 Apr. Established "Technical Center"; the training facilities at Numazu City, Shizuoka.
1997 Aug. Acquired the certification ISO9001 (Quality Management)
2003 Apr. Merged "Meidensha corporation" and "Meiden Engineering Corporation". The new company name is "Meidensha Corporation".
2003 Jul. Acquired the certification ISO14001 (Environmental Management)
2013 Jul. Maintenance and inspection services business of Meidensha Corporatrion was divided into four companies, Meiden Engineering, Meiden Engineering East Japan, Meiden Engineering Central Japan, and Meiden Engineering West Japan.
2013 Oct. Succeeded the maintenance service business from Meidensha Corporatrion through a company split. Meiden Engineering Corporatrion, Meiden Engineering East Japan, Meiden Engineering Central Japan, and Meiden Engineering West Japan started businesses.
2015 Jun. Meiden Engineering East Japan Corporation absorbed Meiden Engineering Central Japan Corporation and Meiden Engineering West Japan Corporation to form a new company named "MEIDEN ENGINEERING CORPORATION".
2016 Dec. ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) certification acquired
2020 Oct. "Manabi-ya"; skills training center opened at Numazu City, Shizuoka.
2022 May Head office relocated to 5-5-5 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.

Employee qualifications

As a way to pursue ongoing business growth, Meiden Engineering encourages employees to acquire several types of qualifications.
Key qualifications are listed here.

As of April 2024
Qualification Number acquired (total)
Electrical Construction Management Engineer (Class 1) 423
Electrical Construction Management Engineer (Class 2) 51
Management Engineer (Electrical Work, Ducts, Machinery, Telecommunications) 418
Electrician (Class 1) 308
Electrician (Class 2) 185

Other qualifications

  • Engineer (Electrical/Electronic)
  • Construction Industry Accountant (Class 1, Class 2)
  • Chief Electrical Engineer (Class 2, Class 3)
  • Official Business Skill Test in Book-keeping (Level 1, Level 2)
  • Chief Telecommunications Engineer (Transmission Switching)
  • Administrative Scrivener
  • Ductwork Management Engineer (Class 1, Class 2)
  • Hazardous Materials Handler (Class A)
  • Telecommunications Construction Management Engineer (Class 1)
  • Sewerage Technical Test (Type 3)
  • Energy Manager
  • Sanitation Manager (Type 1)
  • Sanitation Manager of Sanitation Engineering
  • Information Processing Engineer (SG, NW, FE, AU, IP)
  • Telecommunications Construction Worker (General, Type AI1, Type DD1)
  • Eiken Test in Practical English Proficiency (Grade Pre-1)
  • Pollution Prevention Manager (Water Quality, Type 1, Type 2, Type 3)