Measures for improving reliabilities of equipment

This service assures continuous operation of facilities.

Retrofit renovation and partial renovation

  • Interchangeability of electrical functions and performance is secured. At the same time, structural interchangeability is also secured while replaceable parts are updated.
  • It is devised to reduce field fabrication work as much as possible so that the renovation period can be reduced to the shortest amount of time.
  • Where replacement parts are unavailable, such parts will be designed and manufactured.

Circuit breaker

Oil circuit breakers may have been too obsolete and manufacturing is discontinued. Such machines are replaced by advanced vacuum circuit breakers to minimize the risk of failures of the system.

Before renovation
After renovation

Catalog for reference: Vacuum Circuit Breaker (GB36-2580)

Monitoring unit

The direct monitoring unit, in which constitutive parts are already discontinued and repair services are no longer available, is replaced by an alternative unit having improved functions equipped with a touch panel and a PLC (Programable Logic Controller).

Before renovation
After renovation

Printer for the monitoring system

Some monitoring systems installed in plants are still using dot impact type printers. They are now difficult to repair and maintain.
We have created a new renovation method by which output information to the printer is saved in a personal computer (PC) so that the data can be monitored on the PC screen and hard copies are printed out on the updated laser printer as required. A single PC can control up to two printers. Such a method is immediately helpful for space saving, paperless routines, and digitization of data.

Before renovation
After renovation

Panel for emergency power generating unit

Simultaneously at the time of engine overhaul, a control panel used for 30 years is renovated to a new panel with the latest replacing parts and the same functions.

Old panel before renovating
New panel after renovating

Exhaust duct for a gas turbine

This renovation is performed due to the destruction of the exhaust duct interior.

Inspection and Maintenance