Operation Control

Leave your system support and management to us.

Remote monitoring service

Your facility conditions are monitored, and if any abnormalities are reported, appropriate measures will be taken immediately.
As requested, operating conditions are periodically examined and a report is issued.
By analyzing the operating status of your facilities, more advanced services. such as facility diagnosis, predictive/ preventive maintenance, remaining life estimation, and proposal for optimum operations, will be provided. (These services are available for customers under contract.)

Management of remote monitoring services in japan.

TELEMOT cdma (Meidensha Wireless Telemetering Unit)

Meidensha Wireless Telemetering Unit [TELEMOT cdma] is an advanced remote monitoring control solution that is a fusion of Meidensha supervisory and control technology and cutting-edge technologies.

Embedded 3rd generation mobile phone modules

  • Installation of communication lines is not required. A compact casing is easy to install.
  • The 3rd-generation mobile phone technologies enable high-speed, high-security, and high-reliability communication.
  • Substantial reduction of initial cost and running cost is possible.

Various I/O specifications

  • A terminal block allows direct input to and output from local devices.
  • Extension of I/O points is possible through external extension terminals.

Application to image monitoring

  • Image monitoring is possible with an external camera connected to the TELEMOT cdma.

Software-based advanced supervisory control function

  • State change detection and monitoring of deviation from analog upper/lower limits
  • Data storage and transmission functions (constant period, events, real-time)
  • Data arithmetic function (pulse integration, operational frequencies integration, max./min./mean calculation)
  • Remote data mentenance by terminal, error monitoring service, power interruption monitoring, etc., via network

Proposal of total solutions

  • Proposal of ASP* services utilizing the Meidensha Data Center
    • *Application Service Provider

Catalog for reference: [TELEMOT cdma] MB597-2996

Semiconductor fabrication system supporting service

According to trends on the industrial market, we offer our own solution services to the semiconductor fabrication site where technological trends are always changing.

Maintenance and preservation support

We strive to reduce costs and improve working ratio based on our expertise and experience in support services, from the viewpoint of our customers.

Measures for improving reliabilities of equipment

Latest technologies and information are used to minimize the risk of failures of devices and parts, contributing to environmental issues and helping reduce costs.

Engineering and servicing (Improvement and repair maintenance)

We identify problems in daily operations to ensure higher security, and propose improvements to boost productivity.

Refurbish of equipment and units, various testing
Control rack (Power source and IC boards) repair and parts replacement
Exposure stage mechanism repair and refurbish
Inspection and Maintenance