Meiden Engineering engages in sustainability management to achieve sustainability in all three areas of impact—the environment, the community and the economy. We are committed to sustainable growth and development over the long term.

Health management

Meiden Engineering believes that employee well-being (health and happiness) is essential for our goal of "illuminating a more affluent tomorrow." We have created policies and programs designed to encourage health management practices. We also provide organization-led personal health assistance activities.

President's policy for Health Management

In order to realize the corporate mission of "opening up a more prosperous future" in the Meiden Group's corporate philosophy and the value provided for the "peace of mind and joy of our customers",we believe that it is extremely important for management to promote a creation of work environment and workplace where employees have a fulfillment, and we keep supporting employee themselves of growth and both physical and mental health.

We share the belief that "health is an irreplaceable asset" and promote the realization of a work environment where employees can maximize their abilities and work with high motivation.

1. Basic policy for Health Management

In order to realize "a company where people can live a healthy and affluent social life, we aim to be a "tough group of professionals who can dispatch anytime, anywhere."

2. Action guidelines

We aim for the health of all our employees.
Our goal of "Health" is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.


  1. 1You can have bright and pleasant emotion.
  2. 2You can create relationship where you can respect and appreciate each other.
  3. 3You can be engagement in your work.
  4. 4You can have a sense of daily growth and accomplishment.
  5. 5You can have a meaning & purpose in your life.

”Meiden Engineering will realize the improvement of work environment through the communication between the management and employees.”

Efforts to promote Health Management

These measures are carried out by the officer in charge of health management, the members of Human Resources and General Affairs Department.
Meiden Engineering considers the health of employees to be the core values of management, and is developing various initiatives for health management.
From the perspective of employee education, we encourage employees to attend the "Health Seminar" held by the Meiden Group, and hold lectures on "stress management" and "health management" as part of new employee training.
We will continue to implement a variety of initiatives to improve employee engagement (energy toward work and willingness to contribute) and well-being (health and happiness).

Occupational health & safety, quality and environmental activities

Meiden Engineering practices sustainability management in all our business areas.We continually work on improving our business processes by providing safe and sanitary work environments, improving maintenance service quality, and reducing environmental impact.

Business policy for Health Management

  1. 1Meiden Engineering works to ensure safe, sanitary and pleasant working environments for all our employees, seeing their health and safety as a core management value. We try to give employees a measure of ease and abundance in their lives, working on becoming a leader in the areas of safety, sanitation and health.
  2. 2Each of our employees understands the responsibility they bear to the public when providing the Company's maintenance services, along with the degree of business impact that defective work would have. They are also aware of the importance of improving their own work process quality as they provide products and services that satisfy clients.
  3. 3Meiden Engineering takes steps to reduce environmental impact and prevent environmental pollution while practicing sustainability management. These efforts are incorporated into the maintenance technology services we provide for electrical equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, mechanical equipment, building equipment and related equipment.
    1. 1We help reduce environmental impact by working to provide maintenance technology services designed to help client equipment save energy, improve efficiency, extend service life, support equipment reuse and prevent equipment failure.
    2. 2To help ease and adapt to climate change, recycle resources and preserve biodiversity on the path to achieving a sustainable economy, Meiden Engineering is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote waste reduction, reuse and recycling (the 'Three Rs'), and reduce hazardous substance emissions.
  4. 4Focusing on life cycle engineering tied closely to the community, we collaborate on projects targeting ICT-based innovation creation and the human domain. We want to provide facility management that offers new solutions to clients, leading to growth in orders by making us more connected to clients.
ISO9001/14001 certification registration
Activities Providing maintenance services, including maintenance engineering and installation, inspection and maintenance, and repair and improvement work.
Review organization Japan Management Association (Japan Management Association Quality Assurance)
Accreditation organization Japan Accreditation Board (JAB)
Applicable standards ISO9001/14001
Registration number JMAQA-2723/JMAQA-E966

Technical Education

Operating electrical equipment in a safe, secure and efficient manner is a key requirement when maintaining and managing facilities.Meiden Engineering has a track record of over half a century in providing support for electrical equipment used at sites such as public facilities and industrial plants.This successful track record is due in equal measure to the high quality of the products themselves and to the superior capabilities of the highly skilled workers who maintain and manage the equipment installed.

Technical Center

The technical center; skills training center is a hands-on technical training facility providing a unique, large-scale simulated equipment environment equivalent to on site.Using this original equipment, the technical center;skills training center provides an effective educational curriculum designed to train outstanding engineers who can assist clients with safe, secure and efficient equipment operation.It meets the need for high-quality products and reliable workers over the entire equipment life cycle that extends from equipment installation to maintenance, management, renovation and disposal.

High-voltage power receiving substation system
Middle-voltage power receiving substation systems
Circuit breaker / switchgear
Equipment diagnostic checks, deterioration assessment work support
Maintenance technology R&D

Technical education and training

Dedicated to producing outstanding system engineers, the technical Center gives trainees the chance to train on actual equipment in a more hands-on manner.

System technology education

High-voltage power receiving substation system
Middle-voltage power receiving substation systems
Regular power generation facilities
Water treatment plants
Monitoring and control systems
Hydroelectric power systems

Individual equipment technology training

Circuit breaker / switchgear
Motor / Electric motor
Uninterruptible power supply etc.

Technical support, technology development

Equipment diagnostic checks, deterioration assessment work support
Maintenance technology R&D
Developing monitoring and control systems, developing business supporting systems
Diagnostic tool development

We also provide technical training for MEIDENSHA customers.

Information security activities

Even the equipment maintenance service sector is going to continue seeing systems becoming increasingly advanced and network-connected as a result of the recent changes in the ways companies are doing business.Meiden Engineering is improving its management systems and providing enhanced education and training programs to protect client information and all information assets from today's heightened security risks.

Information security activities

Meiden Engineering Corporation ('the Company') provides maintenance technology services and one-stop service for client electrical equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, mechanical equipment, and related equipment. These services are designed to help client equipment save energy, improve efficiency, extend service life, support equipment reuse and prevent equipment failure. Providing these services creates the need for better information security for important client information.
With remote work and other work style reforms recently changing the way companies do business, increasingly advanced systems and more network connectivity are expected in the coming years.This IT revolution has improved productivity but also created a rise in outside threats to information systems. The Company has responded by creating an Information Security Policy and endeavoring to prevent security incidents while continuously improving information security.

1. Objectives of Company's information security activities

  1. 1To control information security risks and improve the Company's reliability by continuously improving the Information Security Management System (ISMS) we have created.
  2. 2To increase business value by creating safe and secure cloud computing-based systems.
  3. 3To prevent information leakage incidents or accidents involving client information or any other personal or business information.
  4. 4To prevent loss, theft and information leaks resulting from remote work or other increased use of IT devices outside the Company.

2. Creating Information Security Management System, protecting assets

The Company has created an Information Security Management System (ISMS) involving the appointment of an Information Security Administrator and creation of an Administrative Office. A number of activities designed to protect client information and all other information assets handled during the course of business activities are carried out using the ISMS—specifying risk assessment methods, analyzing and assessing the importance and risks of information assets in terms of their confidentiality, completeness and utility, and setting goals and taking the proper response measures.All the management objectives and management measures the Company has at its disposal are also put to use to ensure and maintain the security of information assets.

3. Compliance with laws, regulations and standards

Policies and in-house rules conforming and complying with information security-related laws, regulations and standards have been created and are followed while accommodating contractual security obligations.These policies and in-house rules are periodically reviewed and ongoing improvements are made in response to changes in areas such as management policies, business descriptions, global trends, technology, laws or regulations.

4. Providing education and training

Company officers, Company employees and all staff members engaged in the Company's operations are provided with education and training in a proactive and organized manner to improve their awareness of information security and ensure compliance with laws, regulations, standards and in-house rules.

5. Preventing and handling information security incidents

The Company endeavors to prevent information security incidents from occurring. The Company promptly takes the proper measures in the event of incidents, including recurrence prevention measures.To ensure business continuity, a Business Continuity Plan that anticipates disasters and other emergency situations has also been created and is inspected as needed.

ISO27001 certification registration
Activities Co-provision of maintenance services, including maintenance engineering and installation, inspection and maintenance, and repair and renovation work
Review organization Japan Management Association (Japan Management Association Quality Assurance)
Applicable standards ISO/IEC 27001:2013
JIS Q 27001:2014
Registration number JMAQA-S181

Giving back to the local community

Meiden Engineering actively takes part in activities that give back to the local community at our business units throughout Japan.By drawing on the characteristics that make Meiden Engineering unique, we are creating closer ties to local community residents and the public at large. These activities help us raise awareness, grow as a company and build better relationships.

Kanagawa Branch

On June 30, 2020, we had already obtained certification for the Yokohama City SDGs certification system”Y-SDGs”, and we have received renewed certification in June 2023.
In addition, as of April 1, 2023, we have certified as a Yokohama-type company that contributes to the local community.

We are participating in daily community exchanges such as community cleanups and are also providing the portable generators that help charge the batteries of communication devices in the event of a disaster.
AEDs are installed at the entrance of our office to help saving the lives of everyone in the neighborhood.
We take a proactive support for everyone in the local community.

Meiden Engineering head office

The Company has donated 2,280 N95 masks to the University of Tokyo Hospital.
These masks were an emergency supply kept on hand by the Company. They were given to the hospital along with a message of appreciation as a small token of support for medical workers struggling on the front lines.

Kanto Branch Office

"Ohana Ippai Osaki" is a community beautification program that was held in the neighborhood of Osaki area (location of head office). Meiden Engineering volunteers took part by digging and cleaning up flowerbeds.

Shizuoka Branch

The Shizuoka Branch has helped with river and coastline beautification activities as part of a collaborative effort on a river environment adoption program led by the Sizuoka City. Branch members are also active in self-directed volunteer activities done to clean up neighborhood parks and area roads.

Meiden Group initiatives

Our information disclosure practices conform to SDGs, ESG and the sustainability management approach used by Meiden Engineering and the entire Meiden Group.See here for more information.