Monitoring and Control Equipment

We perform inspections (regular and spot), diagnoses, parts replacement, and repairs on the different types of computers, transmission equipment, and ancillary products used in customer monitoring systems. We also propose the selection of alternative products, partial renovation, and total system renewal in accordance with the life cycle of the equipment.


System check
  • We discover the signs of failure and malfunction in the early stages by collecting error code information.
  • The backup of the hard disk is made during inspection. When failures occur thereafter, the harddisk data can be recovered upto the status at the time of inspection.
  • We propose a replacement product or a replacement plan for discontinued parts or products out of warranty period.

Maintenance and inspection

In order to prevent failures in advance and maintain stable operation, it is necessary to have maintenance performed by specialists with sufficient know-hows and knowledge about the equipment.
We work on preventing failures in advance and maintaining the stability of the system by inspection and parts replacement.

Effects of inspection

  1. (1)Dust removing by disassembling and cleaning: heat discharging effects
  2. (2)Various types of measurement: Understanding of the trends of deterioration
  3. (3)Various types of functional tests: confirmation of reliability of the components
  4. (4)Comprehensive test:confirmation of soundness over the entire system

Risks at continuous operation

The system stops due to the following causes.

  • Temperature increase of internal computer system caused by clogging of air filter
  • Inhibition of cooling fan caused by deterioration and broken of air filter
  • HDD failure
  • Temperature increase caused by failure of cooling fan
  • Power supply interruption due to UPS battery deterioration
  • Failure caused by deterioration of power supply equipment

Any of the above risks can be reduced by inspection.

Deposited dust
Dust is removed by inspection for stable and continuous operation

Failure analysis

Meiden Engineering helps to resolve the cause of peformance decline of monitoring equipment by using analysis tool.

Examples of diagnosis

  • Performance diagnosis for CPU,HDD and RAM
  • Deterioration analysis for LAN cables
  • Investigation for transmission line failures (noise diagnosis and analysis for transmission protocol)
Deterioration diagnosis for LAN cables
Performance diagnosis by using programs
Monitoring investigation for transmission line

Maintenance support

Meiden Engineering grapses condition of equipment, and recommend suitable solution for customers equipment.
We also support stable operation of equipment from delivery to renovation.

Responds for failure

In regard to responding failure for MEIDENSHA equipments, Meiden Engineering undertakes the failure and responds at all hours quickly.

Recommendation for periodic replacement parts

We will provide you with information on the discontinued, alternative, and successor products for computer parts that are obsolete quickly in the inspection report and maintenance plan.
Also, Meiden Engineering recommends parts replacement in response to failure risks, according to the conditions of equipment and customers budgets.

Main parts overhaul

We improve reliabilities of the system by replacing the deteriorated parts (mainly capacitors and cooling fans) used in the computer power supply and motherboard.

Retrofit renovation/ Partial renovation

Even if maintenance for equipment is difficult by discontinued, Meiden Engineering is not only maintain eqipment function but also recommend optimum solutions in responds with customers budgets.

Example of Retrofit(Partial renewal of input and output panel for monitoring equipment)

Meiden Engineering not only contributes to cost reduction but also reduces construction period.

  • Reducing construction period
  • Maitaining equipments at low cost
Respond for retrofit of the input/output panel of monitoring equipment

Solution services

Meiden Engineering helps to resolve various customer's problems.

Product lineup

Small-Scale Monitoring and Control System(ESC-2000:G5)

  • Monitoring from control room
  • Highly versatile, multi sectoral
  • Low cost monitoring and control eqipment
  • Monitoring electric power, equipment condition and insulation etc.
Composition of energy measurement Web system

Energy measurement Web system (ESW-100E) MEC8-E

  • Monitoring equipment watching Web blowser
  • Visualization of energy
  • Low cost demand monitoring
  • Demand monitoring and power measurement etc.
Energy measurement Web system

Cloud System

  • Monitoring through cloud server (No server installation is required at the customer's site.)
  • Low cost cloud systms
  • The use is wide-ranging (for example used for environmental measurement)
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