Renovation Plan

We will support your renovation plan with utmost care.

Supporting the renovation plan

Power generating facilities

We respond to customer requests such as [We want to have an emergency power supply facility that is highly dependable even in the middle of earthquake disaster.], [We want to eliminate claims possibly arising in the case of noise and black fume during rutine inspection.], and [We want to use the generator room more efficiently.]

Countermeasures against earthquake disasters

We propose an emergency power generating facilities that is not affect by cutting off the cooling water cansed by earthquake. (Cooling water tunk system → radiator method or Gas turbine method)

Investigation into damage data about private power generating facilities at the time of the Hanshin-Awaji Great Earthquake

  • System shutdown due to interruption of water supply for water-cooled generators: 12.0%
  • System shutdown relating to fuel supply for power generating systems: 13.7%
    Water outage Fuel Failures Others
Water-cooled power generating facilities Out of 33 units 16 units 8 units 9 units 10 units
Radiator type power generating facilities Out of 195 units Nil 36 units Nil 2 units
Gas turbine generators Out of 96 units Nil 14 units 1 unit  
  • A great effect is demonstrated for the gas-turbine power plant where no cooling water is required.
  • A substantial effect can be expected if countermeasures are taken against earthquakes for fuel tanks and piping systems.

Environmental measures

It is possible to select a power generating unit for which black fumes of exhaust gases is taken into consideration.
(Optional setup of Fume Removal Unit DPF*)

  • *Diesel Particulate Filter
  • With the DPF equipment, more than 99.97% of black fume and more than 80% of particulates can be removed.

Space saving

By renovation to all-in-package power generating equipment, it becomes unnecessary to select a large installation location and a compact system layout can be attained. (Silent type all-in-package system)

  • With a soundproof package, audible sound level can be lowered to 75dB(A) or below at a point one meter distant from the machine.
  • All the devices can be accommodated inside the cubicle. (Also available for high-voltage machines)
  • When installed outdoors, the generator room can be used effectively.
    Existing facilities can also be utilized for renovation. Subsidiary facilities can be used without modifying the generator room.

Catalog for reference: 35 -1100kVA Emergency disel power generation device CB20-2001
200 -1250kVA Emergency disel power generation device CB28-2352
200 -1875kVA Emergency disel power generation device CB21-2019

Inspection and Maintenance