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Gas turbine power generation facility
Diesel power generation facility
Generator panel, control panel
80 kVA low voltage mobile genset
*You can drive it by a regular driver's license.

Corporate OverviewMaintenance Service for Power Generation Facility

In order to maintain the customer's power receiving and distribution facility in good condition, we propose and perform periodical inspections, parts replacements, diagnoses, and renovations. As a professional group on the maintenace maintenance service, we perform consultating services on environmental survey, diagnoses of the facilities, etc. We provide 24/7/365 technical support services to support the corrective maintenance, operation management, and repair and maintenance.

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Maintenance and inspection

Inspection can be performed at even places described here

We undertake the contract maintenance and inspection service on behalf of the customers for the long term and stable operation of the facility .

  • Our field service engineers having a full knowledge of the facility and the products in use draw up the plan of appropriate inspection periods and part replacement timing and work on preventive maintenance based on our big data.
  • In Japan, we send the field service engineers anywhere and promise high quality maintenance service. This is to enable our customers to use the facility without worryng about the failure.

Inspection Items

  1. 1.Equipment inspection (every six months) and overall system inspection (every one year) based on the Fire Service Act in Japan.
  2. 2.Diesel engine inspections: 2-year, 4-year, and 8-year(overhaul) inspections.
  3. 3.Gas turbine engine inspections: 3-year, 6-year, 12-year, and 18-year (overhaul) inspection services
  4. 4.Detailed inspection of the electrical products for the continuous use power generation facility.
  5. 5.Inspection of the ancillary facilities such as underground tanks, fuel service tanks, and cooling water tanks.

Gas turbine engine overhaul

Diesel engine overhaul

Inspection of AVR unit for hydroelectric power generation facility

Facility diagnosis

Abnormal thing may occur inside even when there is no problem in the external view.
We diagnose the places in the facility that cannot be seen from outside by using our facility diagnosis tool.

Industrial endoscope (video scope)

Endoscope diagnostic image
(sectional model of engine)

Cracks inside the gas turbine

Rusts in the air piping for starting

The abnormal places are checked by thermographic diagnosis

Thermal imaging device

Visible image

Thermal image

Renovation of the facility

We conduct the facility renovation work against the equipment showing the performance deterioration after the long-term use or against the facility trouble by the equipment failure.

Renovation of the exhaust duct of the gas turbine

Renovation work for the generator circuit breaker

Renovation of the oil circuit breaker to the VCB

Renovation of the AVR

You can renovate to the new control panel with the same functions of the existing pane by using new parts.


  1. On-board control panel - Before the renovation

  2. On-board control panel - After the renovation

Inspection tool

We develop and apply various types of maintenance tools in order to effectively support on-site inspection, check and measurement work. Without such tool, such works becomes very difficult and complicated. It becomes possible to increase opportunities for application by using the maintenance tool also for the inspection and diagnosis service items (menus) whose works had been conventionally difficult implement within the limited given work time, etc. This also allows us to provide high quality services to more customers. Further, we have been effectively securing safety and improving services using a specialized maintenance tools to meet customers' requests of reducing the facility downtime due to maintenance work.

Timer automatic tester

Generator start-up characteristics tester

Auxiliary relay tester

Power load testing vehicle

Technical support service information

Click here for the details of the maintenance services and locations of Meiden Group.明電エンジニアリング 明電エンジニアグループのワンストップサービス

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