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Corporate OverviewMaintenance Service for Supervisory Control System

We perform inspections (periodical and spot), diagnosis, and replacement of parts, and repair on various types of computers and the ancillary products that are used in the customer's supervisory control system.

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System check
  • We discover the signs of failure and malfunction in the early stages by collecting error code information.
  • The backup of the hard disk is made during inspection.
    When failures occur thereafter, the harddisk data can be recovered upto the status at the time of inspection.
  • We propose a replacement product or a replacement plan for discontinued parts or products out of warranty period.

Maintenance and inspection

In order to prevent failures in advance and maintain stable operation, it is necessary to have maintenance performed by specialists with sufficient know-hows and knowledge about the equipment.
We work on preventing failures in advance and maintaining the stability of the system by inspection and parts replacement.

Effects of the inspection

  1. (1)
    Dust removing by disassembling and cleaning:
    heat discharging effects
  2. (2)
    Various types of measurement:
    Understanding of the trends of deterioration
  3. (3)
    Various types of functional tests:
    confirmation of reliability of the components
  4. (4)
    Comprehensive test:
    confirmation of soundness over the entire system

Risks at continuous operation

Deposited dust

Dust is removed by inspection for stable and continuous operation

The system stops due to the following causes.

  • Failure of the hard disk
  • Increase of the temperature due to the failure of the cooling fan
  • Termination of the power supply due to the deterioration of the UPS battery
  • Failure due to the deterioration of the power source

Any of the above-described risks can be reduced by inspection.

  • Increase of the temperature inside the computer due to clogging of the air filter
  • Deterioration and damage of the air filter interfering with the rotation of the cooling fan

Maintenance support

Failure response

In order to respond to troubles with our products, Meiden Customer Center receives the error code at 24/7/365, and makes efforts to provide remote recovery support on the failure date.

Recommendation for periodical replacement of the parts

We propose an exchange of the parts having an consumable parts with a replacement in the constantly advancing computer products.
We also propose appropriate replacement of parts depending on the customer's budget.

Reducing power consumption

Replacement of the monitor: reducing the power consumption by substituting the CRT display with a liquid crystal display (LED back light product)

Overhaul of the main parts

Extension of the operational life of the system is planned by replacing the deteriorated parts (mainly, a capacitor and a cooling fan) that are used in the computer power supply and the motherboard.

Technical support service information

Click here for the details of the maintenance services and locations of Meiden Group.明電エンジニアリング 明電エンジニアグループのワンストップサービス

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