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Water treatment plant facilities

Corporate OverviewMaintenance of water treatment plant facilities

To run the water treatment plant, the vital facility and devices are: electrical facility such as power receiving and distribution facility, power generation facility, variable speed control equipment and rotating machinery and other units such as various type water quality measuring devices, industrial measuring units. The process control system conducts automatic control based on such facility and devices. Our system makes the total monitoring of such process control systems. In addition, in order to manage the facility information, we make the overall maintenance services on the overall on-site processing plants and the supervisory control system. While keeping the facility sound and contributing the stable operation of the social infrastructure systems, we offer the proven reliability and the safety to our customers.

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Water treatment monitoring and control system

Features of water treatment plant facility are: It consists of various mechanical facilities and electrical facilities and systems to control, monitor and manage these facilities. Finally, the complicated water processing systems. These facilities need to run and manage by 24/7/365 under the constant maintenance service as water treatment plants offer the drinking water - vital for our daily life, pumping stations to avert the flood in the metropolitan area, water reclamation to keep the river and sea clean. And it is a very important social infrastructure.

Maintenance and inspection

We provide contract maintenance and inspection service on behalf of the customer and for the long-term stable operation of the facility.

Advantages of contract maintenance and inspection service

Maintenance and inspection for water quality measurement instruments

Maintenance and inspection for process control equipment

  1. 1.We can detect defective portions by performing periodic maintenance and inspection.
  2. 2.We can reduce the failure rate by replacing parts at the designated period based on checks of the past insections and promote preventive maintenance.
  3. 3.We can help customers in drafting BCP (business continuity plan).
  4. 4.In case of the failure, we will take a fast trouble-shooting action based on the past periodical inspection data and recover the facility at the early time.
  5. 5.Our expert staff members listen to requests from customers at 24/7/365 and dispatch experienced field service engineers from our technical support service hubs across Japan.

Maintenance management support

Failure rate increased due to aging deterioration and environmental factors.
We will propose the appropriate inspection cycle and timing of renovation work.

Technical support service information

Click here for the details of the maintenance services and locations of Meiden Group.明電エンジニアリング 明電エンジニアグループのワンストップサービス

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