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Oil-immersed transformer
Gas-insulated transformer
Transformer for PWM Control

DC power feeding system for railwaysTransformer for Rectifier

Under DC feeding system, this transformer steps down the voltage of AC three-phase power to fit with rectifier input.

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Product Features

It uses optimal design to meet with special overload rating requirements including Classes D, E, and S for electric railway load, and realizes compact and light weight design.
We can meet with various requirements according to the substation layout such as radiator package type, radiator separate installation type, and primary and secondary bushing, cable, and bus duct systems.

  • Optimal design in combination with rectifier
  • Flexibly meeting with the layout requirements
  • Application of insulation method according to installation conditions
  • High reliability proven by the track records
  • Supporting various overload ratings (Class E, Class D, Class S)
  • Supporting 6- and 12-phase rectification
  • It is possible to support using silicone liquid and palm oil, etc. for the environmental consideration

Applications and Solutions

For the DC feeding system, AC is converted to DC by using the rectifier to produce the DC power supply for electric trains.
The transformer is applied to step down the voltage to fit with the input side of this rectifier.


Specification example 1

Capacity 4380/2x2265kVA
Rated voltage 66kV/2x1200V
Type of rating Class D (100% continuous, 150% for 2 hrs, 300% for 1 min.)
Connection Δ-Δ-⅄
Insulation method Oil-immersed natural cooling

Specification example 2

Capacity 2160/2x1120kVA
Rated voltage 22kV/2x590V
Type of rating Class D (100% continuous, 150% for 2 hrs, 300% for 1 min.)
Connection Δ-⅄-Δ
Insulation method Self-cooled type gas insulated
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