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Pure-water heat-pipe natural cooling silicon rectifier
Air self-cooled cooling silicon rectifier

DC power feeding system for railwaysSilicon Rectifier

Device converting AC power supply to DC power supply for electric railcars in DC power feeding system

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Product Features

In the DC feeding system, the AC power with voltage step-downed by rectifier transformer is converted to the DC power for traction power by the rectifier.
We make optimal design to fit with special overload ratings like Classes D, E, and S for train load and attempt to realize the compact and lightweight design.
Primary and secondary connections support the bus duct system according to layout of substations.
There is no risk of electrical shock because the pure water heat pipe natural cooling system heat pipe is insulated.

  • [Pure-water heat-pipe self-cooled type]
    (1) Environmentally-conscious design by using pure water for coolant
    (2) There is no risk of electrical shock because the heat pipe is insulated
    (3) Enhancement of convection and reduction of foot-print space by adopting the vertical heat pipe
  • [Air self-cooled type]
    (1) Effective cooling mechanism with heat sink on which thermoelectric cooling elements closely attached
    (2) Realizing the compact design by simplified structure
    (3) Easy maintenance and inspection

Applications and Solutions

The pure water heat pipe self-cooled system is mainly adopted for large-capacity rectifiers, and the air self-cooled type is mainly adopted for small-capacity rectifiers.


Standard specifications

Item Delivery example
Rated DC voltage 600V、750V、1500V
Type of rating Class D (100% continuous, 150% for 2 hrs, 300% for 1 min.)
Class E (100% continuous, 120% for 2 hrs, 300% for 1 min.)
Input frequency 50/60Hz
Rating type Classes E, D, and S
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