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4500 kW to DC 1500 V PWM power conversion unit

DC power feeding system for railwaysPWM Converter

Constant voltage control and regenerative power control in the DC feeding system.

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Product Features

Current-voltage characteristics (For Class S, 100% continuous, 200% for 2 hrs, 300% for 1 min.)

This unit enables the constant voltage control in case of the sudden load fluctuations and return the regenerative power from electric train to the AC side by inverting the power. In this way, it controls the cross flow current flowing between substations.

  • The electric train in powering: it maintains reference value (DC 1500 V) of DC voltage.
  • Train during regenerative operation: This is to control the lateral flow current flowing between the substations, increase the increased DC output voltage.
  • The gate signal is generated as the AC input voltage command value for converter by performing the control of DC output control and reactive power compensation at the incoming side at the same time.

Applications and Solutions

This feature is effective for running in the single track section or the repetitive running in the testing track.


Specification example

Item Supply example
Inverter capacity 4500 kW Class S (100% continuous, 200% for 2 hrs, 300% for 1 min.)
Rated current Powering operation: 3000 A, Regenerative operation: 2100 A
AC supply voltage 810V
DC voltage 1500V
Multiplexing system Serial multiplexing Single-phase bridge PWM control system
Cooling system Forced air cooling type heat-pipe
Accuracy of DC voltage control Within ±0.5%
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