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Duplex switchboad for railways (duplex per each function)
Centralized duplex switchboard for railways

DC power feeding system for railwaysControl board(the microelectronics of switchboard)

Switchboard adopting the microelectronics (ME) unit for equipment control

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Product Features

By adopting large-capacity, high-speed programmable logic controller (PLC) for equipment control, it realizes high reliability, compact design, less maintenance, simpler wiring and and enhanced maintenance functions.
For important equipment for Shinkansen, etc., we built excellent systems in terms of total maintainability and reliability by using an centralized protection interlocking system which realizes high-speed and large-capacity processing through a high performance CPU, highly reliable protection and integration of functions.

  • Maintenance time saving through regular inspection and self-inspection functions
  • Improved monitoring functionality through LCD display
  • High reliability, high speed, more compact, simplified maintenance and simplified wiring
  • Improved measurement and maintenance functions
  • Easy and accelerated connection with other suppliers' equipment through an Ethernet LAN connection
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