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Commercial train equipped with Overhead Catenary System (OCS) inspection system
Rooftop on-board system (permanent)
In-vehicle system (mobile)

Overhead Catenary System (OCS) inspection systemOverhead Catenary System (OCS) Inspection System Category Class 2

Overhead Catenary System (OCS) inspection system for commercial trains of conventional railways

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Product Features

The rooftop on-board system installed on the car is permanently installed and the in-vehicle system is removable.. During the OCS inspection, it is performed by setting the in-vehicle system and the inspection is conducted during the out-of-service operation. During the normal service operation, the in-vehicle system is removed and the car can be used as a normal commercial service car. It is possible to reduce introduction costs because purchasing an expensive dedicated car for measurement is not required.

  • This OCS Inspection System can be installed on a currently owned commercial trains.
  • During non-measuring time, the car can be effectively used as a commercial service car.
  • Measurement during business hours is possible by using the out-of-service operation.


  • Maximum speed during measurement: 120 km/h, daytime and nighttime measurement
  • Daytime and nighttime measurement
  • Measurement items
    • Height (Precision: ±5 mm, maximum of 1 wire)
    • Deviation (Precision: ±5 mm, maximum of 4 wires)
    • Wear (Precision: ±0.1 mm, maximum of 4 wires)
    • Gradient (Precision: Depending on precision of height)
    • Hard spot
    • Detection of bending pulling metal fitting
    • Monitoring pantograph
    • Monitoring line
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