VR type compact cubicles

High voltage switchgearVR type compact cubicles

3.6/7.2 kV slim type compact cubicles. It can support various project sites with various layout designs.

Product Features

External dimension drawing
Circuit breaker
High functional digital relay
Wide current range through-type CT

This is a compact cubicle which uses our VR type compact cubicles and other compact units. It enclosure size is compact. It is based on the front maintenance design. According to the electrical room specification, It can allow the free layout arrangements such as wall surface layout, both sides layout and mutually facing layout.

  • Going more compact
    We use compactct equipment such as VR type circuit breaker, etc.
  • Going intelligent
    It realized intelligent cubicle by integrating protection, monitoring, measurement and control by adopting our protective relays for switchgear
  • Changing the CT ratio becane easier by adopting wide current range CT.


Applicable standards JEM1425 CW type
Rated voltage 3.6/7.2 kV Rated current 600 A Rated short-time withstand current 12.5 kA