132/33kV 25MVA mobile substation

Mobile substationMobile Substations

A mobile substation, with a complete substation installed on a trailer, can be moved at any time with a tractor for immediate installation and operation.

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Product Features

132/11.5kV two-trailer type mobile substation
132/11.5kV compact one-trailer type 10 MVA mobile substation
  • Compact
  • Short construction time
  • Long-term operation as an independent substation in desrts and other severe environments.
  • Vacuum circuit breakers ensure high reliability and manpower-saving in maintenance.

Case Study

Applications and Solutions

  1. 1.Emergency power transmission when power transmission is down due to a substation accident.
  2. 2.An ideal solution when a substation is required in a short time. A mobile substation usually requires a week for installtion and commissioning.


Standard specifications

Transformer primary

Source resultant pulse number 3
Frequency(Hz) 50, 60
Rated voltage(kV) 33, 66, 77, 110, 132, 138
Rated circuit breaker capacity(kA) 25, 31.5
Transformer capacity(MVA) 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 31.5
Connection system Overhead transmission line, bus line of the substation
Grounding system Direct grounding

Transformer secondary

Rated voltage(kV) 6.6, 11, 13.8, 22, 33
Number of feeders From 1 to 6 (*)
Connection system Power cables
  • *The number of feeders differs depending on the rated voltage and the capacity of transformers.

In-plant power supply

AC power source(V) 380/220, 430/250
DC power source(V) 110V
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