The world's first 145kV single-break insulator type VCB
The world's first 145kV single-break vacuum interrupter (VI)

Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB)145kV Insulator Type Vacuum Circuit Breaker

The world's first 145kV single-break insulator type vacuum circuit breaker (VCB)

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Product Features

Under short-circuit tests

Since 1977, Meidensha supplied some 190 double-break 145kV insulator type VCBs in Japan and overseas. In 2002, we completed verification tests on basic performance of a single-break VCB. Since then, we carried on with improvements for cost reduction and carried out reliability tests, and in 2010, we completed the development of 145 kV insulator type single-break VCB and supplied the first commercial product. This VCB is one of the world highest voltage VCBs as a single-break VCB.

  • The world's first 145kV single-break VCB
  • High voltage and large capacity (145kV single-break with a short-circuit current breaking capability of up to 40 kA)
  • Reduction of the life cycle cost *Compared to conventional double-break products
    Compact (70% reduction in installation base area)
    Light weight (30% reduction in total mass)
    High reliability (30% reduction in operating energy)


Rated voltage 145kV
Rated short-circuit breaker current 40kA
Rated current 2000A
Insulating medium SF6 gas (dry air)
Applicable standards IEC62271-100
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