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Motor for Water Gate complying with the Technical Standards for Water Gates and Iron Pipes in Japan

  • Low voltage
    Rated voltages are 200 V class and 400 V class.
  • AC
    It is an AC-driven motor.
  • Special application
    It is a special application motor.
  • Fully enclosed type
    It has an enclosure that is protected against solid foreign objects of 1.0 mm Ø except the external fan part (IP4X)/.
  • Horizontal type
    The installation method is horizontal.
  • Brake
    It is a built-in brake type motor.

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Product Features

This motor is specially developed for opening and closing a water gate and it complies with the draft Technical Standards for Dam and Water Equipment Facilities. The draft specifies the starting torque set to 200% or more of the rated torque and maximum torque set to 300% or less of the rated torque. There is no deterioration of the function of the winding wire even when exposed to weather and direct sunlight because it is treated with humidity resistance insulation processing and it is an outdoor installation type.
An AC electromagnetic brake is used for the built-in brake: the response is quick, and it is especially effective at the time of braking.

  • Starting and maximum torques
  • Capable of being used outdoors
  • Highly responsible brake built in

Applications and Solutions

The gate motor is a motor that is effective not only for water gate opening and closing facilities but also for a constant torque load that requires high torque, such as elevating. (The photo on the right is a riverbank of the Nagara River where our gate motos are used. The photo provided by: Nagaragawa Estuary Barrage Operating and Maintenance Office)

Line-ups (maximum torque 300% or less)
Starting torque 200% or more
Commercialized 6-pole motor series from 0.75 kW to 55 kW. Capable of manufacturing 4-pole motor or 8-pole motor series on top of the 6-pole motor series
Capable of manufacturing pole-change type motors. The speed ratios are 1:2 of 6-pole/12-pole, 1:3 of 4-pole/12-pole, 1:4 of 4-pole/16-pole, etc.
A built-in brake is the standard up to 225 frames, and centering of both axes is the standard from 250 frames. Capable of supporting the centering of both axes of 225 frames or less
Line-up (maximum torque 250% or less)
Starting torque 200% or more
Maximum torque 250% or less - The maximum torque is suppressed to 250% or less to protect the mechanism during abnormalities in the opening and closing mechanism. Contribution to saving of the facility cost by taking a role of further relaxing the mechanical strength of the gate mechanism than conventionally.
Commercialized 6-pole motor series: from 0.75 kW to 55 kW.
For standard rated output, we adopt the second series offerings based on the IEC Standard rated output. By this adoption, we could provide the option with more accurate proper output.
Adopted the AC electromagnetic brake directly driven by an AC power source. We secured high reliability for braking operation.
Suppression of momentary speed variation at the time of gate opening and closing by implementing rated speed that is close to that of the standard motor


Starting torque and maximum torque Frame number Output(kW) Number of poles Notes
200%-300% 80M-225M 0.4-30 6 (Brake built-in)
200%-250% 80M-225S 0.4-30 6 (Built-in brake)
200%-250% 250M-315S 37-55 6 (Brake exterior)

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Quick reference table

This is a quick reference table showing the ranges of each series motor voltage and capacity . Just one look, you could see our offerings.

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Category Models voltage Output(kw)

Gate motor


Brake motor

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Open drip-proof wound rotor type 3000V/
KM-100 series
Open drip-proof guarded wound rotor type
JU2000 series
Open drip-proof guarded type
JS2000 series
Totally enclosed, water cooled (heat exchanger) type
JS2000 series
2-pole low noise type

High voltage synchronous motor


Motor drive unit for electric vehicles

AC motor and DC motor 24-96(V)

Anti-seismic electric motor


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