DC Brushless Motor

Special electric motorsDC Brushless Motor

It can meet the effective design requirement such as squamous structure.

  • Low voltage
    Rated voltages are 200 V class and 400 V class.
  • DC
    It is a DC-driven motor.
  • Compact design
    It is a compact size motor.
  • Special application
    It is a special application motor.

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Product Features

There are an outer rotor type, an inner rotor type, and an axial type. They are used in a wide range of applications such as opening and closing a door (photo top left), for compressors (photo top right), for electric tools (photo bottom left), for medical devices (photo bottom right), and for health appliances.

  • Small size and lightweight
  • Customizable
  • Wide range of appplication


Number of poles 4-20
Output (kW) 0.05-7.5

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Quick reference table

This is a quick reference table in which the ranges of voltage and capacity of the motor of each series are clear at a glance.

Special electric motors

Category Models Voltage 出力(kw)

Gate motor


Brake built-in motor

Brake motor 200V/
AC brake motor

DC Brushless Motor


High voltage winding wire type electric motor

Protection drip-proof free ventilation winding wire type 3000V/
KM-100 series
Protection drip-proof free ventilation winding wire type
JU2000 series
Protection drip-proof (open drip-proof) type
JS2000 series
Fully closed water cooled heat exchanger (fully closed inner cooled) type
JS2000 series
2-pole low noise type

High voltage synchronous motor


Motor controller for
electric vehicles

AC motor and DC motor 24-96(V)

Anti-seismic electric motor


High speed electric motor

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