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Semiconductor manufacturing equipmentHost Communication Package Software Series for Semiconductor and Liquid Crystal Manufacturing Equipment

Package software that enables us to build a host communication system for GEM compliant semiconductor manufacturing equipment in a short period at low cost.

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Product Features

For semiconductor manufacturing equipment, the introduction of GEM Standards, a communication standard for automating production, becomes a must. The GEM Standard was originally considered to integrate communication standards by following the conventional SECS-II standard. However, in reality, each device supplier has its own standards, and as a result, the system integrators required enormous cost and manpower. A tool that allows system integrator to reduce the cost and time necessary to customize the host communication specifications. This is the host communication package software series for semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing equipment. We have "GEM supported package software (sequence definition version) series" and "GEM supported package software (programming version) series". We provide a development environment by following computer technology, adopting MDI format, and allowing script definition, message definition, etc. in the text format.
Please refer to the technical support page for downloading technical materials (such as manuals).

  • SECS-II, GEM, and GEM300 compliance
  • Simply defining complicated host communication scenarios with GUI
  • Easily supporting various host communication specifications by defining the configuration

Applications and Solutions

Software series have been used by many equipment integrators in Japan, and we have many track records of supply for almost all types of systems that cover pre-processes. Further, our products have been installed in the systems through the device suppliers around the world, to say nothing of those in Japan, and we satisfied the device suppliers by meeting their internal standard requirements. For the host communiation  package software series for  semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing equipments , the license costs for development are not separately charged. They are included in all of the runtime licenses. In addition, the license costs for using the SECS-I and the HSMS are not separately charged.
Further, we can provide them more inexpensively by offering a volume discount. This allows the customer to use all of the functions more inexpensively than with other companies' runtime license.
We provide a demonstration and distribute a demonstration package of the host communication package software series for semiconductor and liquid crystal equipments to meet our customers' needs.


Please feel free to contact us for the basic specifications and the environment specifications by using the Internet inquiry form.

Customizing function

The customizing property in the host communication package software means how and how much it can support various end user specifications with a small number of steps as a function of the package. That is, it makes the most of the experience we have acquired through implementing the specifications of many end users.
We have been working on constructing a system using the host communication package software series for semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing equipments as our host computer related business. We work consistently to improve the function of the package so that various end user specifications obtained in business can be easily implemented.


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