CIMPortal™ Plus Architecture

Semiconductor manufacturing equipmentEDA/Interface A Solutions CIMPortal™ Plus (by Cimetrix)

EDA Standard-Compliant Package Software for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

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Product Features

CIMPortal™ Plus is package software for mounting the EDA standards in semiconductor manufacturing equipment. The product is also fully compatible with SEMI Standards FreezeⅠ and FreezeⅡ. Cimetrix has been developing CIMPortal since the dawn of the EDA age and the product is a de facto standard software product in semiconductor industries. SDK(Software Development kit) comes with Equipment Model Developer allowing the system developer to build equipment model by drag and drop operation. Not only programmers but also non-programmers can build complex equipment models. CIMPortal™ Plus comes complete with an application interface for building an EDA. When used in combination with MAGNILOG, system builders can implement EDA simply by implementing socket communication.

  • By adopting data driven architecture, high speed data handling are realize.
  • Facilitate high speed and large volume data collection required by the latest FAB.
  • Facilitate building equipment model by drag and drop operation.

Relevant SEMI Standards

  • E120 Specification for the Common Equipment Model (CEM)
  • E125 Specification for Equipment Self Description (EqSD)
  • E132 Specification for Equipment Client Authentication and Authorization
  • E157 Specification for Model Process Tracking
  • E164 Specificatin for EDA Common Metadata
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