CIMPortalTM Plus Architecture

Semiconductor manufacturing equipmentEDA/Interface A Solutions CIMPortal™ Plus (by Cimetrix)

EDA Standard-Compliant Package Software for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

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Product Features

CIMPortalTM Plus is package software for implement the compliance with the EDA standard in semiconductor manufacturing equipment once installed in the manufacturing equipment. This software is a de facto standard software product in semiconductor industries and it is officially certified by the ISMI. Cimetrix is a development vendor of ECCE2 (a standard EDA client of the ISMI). This par

  • Adoption of data driven architecture realized high speed data handling.
  • It can easily support the high speed and high volume data collection. This is a must performance for the leading-edge semiconductor foundries or fabs.

Related SEMI standards

  • E120 Specification for the Common Equipment Model (CEM)
  • E125 Specification for Equipment Self Description (EqSD)
  • E132 Specification for Equipment Client Authentication and Authorization
  • E157 Specification for Model Process Tracking
  • E164 Specificatin for EDA Common Metadata
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