CIMConnect™ Architecture
CIM300™ Architecture

Semiconductor manufacturing equipmentHost On-line Solutions CIMConnect™ /CIM300™ (by Cimetrix)

GEM/GEM300-compliant Package Software for Semiconductor, Liquid Crystal Display and Solar Cell

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Product Features

CimConnect™ is package software for mounting the GEM standards in semiconductor, liquid crystal display, and solar cell manufacturing equipment. The software is object-oriented, which makes it suitable to develop application in NET environment. Further, CIM300™ is add-on package software for CIMConnect™. This software support to install the GEM300 standard unit. Each Standard of GEM300 is provided in DLL so that system builders can select and implement the standards for manufacturing equipment.

  • CIMConnect™ can be used for automating manufacturing process of semiconductor and liquid crystal display. It has many track records at many system integrators for semiconductor, liquid crystal display all over the world.
  • Since the multi-host connection function is implemented as standard, not only MES but also EES 2-port connection is possible.

SEMI standards that CIMConnect™ complies with

  • E4 SECS-I (Serial protocol)
  • E5 SECS-II
  • E30 GEM
  • E37 HSMS-II (Ethernet protocol)

SEMI standards that CIM300™ complies with

  • E4 SECS-I (Serial protocol)
  • E5 SECS-II
  • E30 GEM
  • E37 HSMS-SS (Ethernet protocol)
  • E39 Object Services
  • E40 Process Job
  • E87 Carrier Management
  • E90 Substrate Tracking
  • E94 Control Job
  • E116 Equipment Performance Tracking
  • E148 Time Synchronization and Definition
  • E157 Module Process Tracking
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