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Semiconductor manufacturing equipmentEES Platform Package MAGNILOG Series

MAGNILOG is package software and data collection, accumulation, and analysis tool for EES is packaged in it. The software is compatible with SEMI standards (EDA) and Select specification (TDI).

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Product Features

MAGNILOG is data collection package software to realize EES of semiconductor equipment. It prepare many interface in order to collect sensor data from semiconductor equipment. Collected data can be output to CSV format and other format so that users can conduct data analysis by Excel and etc. Moreover, collected data can be expanded FDC system. We can also customize the software for customers to meet with their needs.

  • Connection interface for data collection fully prepared
  • Easy set-up (no programming)

Applications and Solutions

The most suitable framework for realizing EES of semiconductor equipment. Communication between the software and semiconductor equipment can be uniquely performed without influence to communication scenario between MES and the equipment. The software allow users to realize EES by only adding S1F3/F4 transaction and collecting necessary event and alarm. Rebuilding sensors is non-necessary.

Introduction Effect.

  • Stabilization of process quality
  • Speeding up optimization of process recipe
  • Early reporting failure cause
  • Realization of preventive maintenance
  • Shortening period from carrying to operating

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MAGNISNIFEER is data collection tool. It monitor SECS communication between host and equipment and collect necessary data. Data not exist in existing SECS communication can be collected. By introducing to existing manufacturing line, users can collect data of equipment because it's superior EES. For more detailed information regarding this product, please refer to the catalog.

Support System

All code of MAGNILOG series original. We prepare variety of customer support such as special department, customer training, and consulting.

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