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GEM/GEM300-compliant Host Communication Tester

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Product Features

TESTConnect Plus is software for testing the GEM/GEM300 compliance of equipment by using its built-in on-line function and it is conducted before the shipment of the manufacturing equipment to semiconductor and liquid crystal display manufacturers. It can also carry out communication trouble analysis and debugging with high efficiency after the manufacturing equipment is delivered to the product manufacturer because it has a function of reproducing the actual system working environment based on the communication logs at such product manufacturer site.

  • It can carry out wide-ranging tests from transaction test (by simple message level) up to scenario-based tests as per GEM/GEM 300.

Related SEMI standards

  • E4 SECS-I (Serial protocol)
  • E5 SECS-II
  • E30 GEM
  • E37 HSMS-SS (Ethernet protocol)
  • E39 Object Services
  • E40 Process Job
  • E87 Carrier Management
  • E90 Substrate Tracking
  • E94 Control Job
  • E116 Equipment Performance Tracking
  • E148 Time Synchronization and Definition
  • E157 Module Process Tracking
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