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Semiconductor manufacturing equipmentEquipment Data Collection System -Platform Package Series

The package covers the data collection and storage and the data analysis tool for ESS. SEMI standard (EDA) and Selete specification (TDI) are supported.

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Product Features

Example of system configuration

The collection and storage of data can be easily set up, and it can be connected to an existing upper-level system. Various system configurations can be flexibly supported because each package described below is independent. - Device Data Collection System Logger:Data collection from a equipment - Device Data Collection System DBServer (TDI version):Storage of the collected data - Tool Data eXplorer (TDX):Analysis and monitoring of the collected data By the excellent data analysis application TDX (Tool Data eXplorer), analysis of equipment data, FDC, SPC, and multivariable analysis are easily implemented.
Please refer to the technical support page for downloading technical materials (such as manuals) in English.

  • EDA (optional) , TDI (Tool Data Interface) supported
  • Data collection plan supported
  • Various connection I/Fs necessary for data collection
  • Capable of setup without programming

Applications and Solutions

The data analysis application TDX (Tool Data eXplorer) is a equipment data analysis and operation monitoring tool for production lines. The equipment data collection system platform package series is used together with the TDX to provide a total resolution of the EES.

Introduction effect

  • Stabilization of the process (product) quality
  • Speeding up of the optimization of a process recipe
  • Early detection of the causes of equipment failure
  • We realized the equipment preventive maintenance
  • We shortened  the period from delivery to operation of a equipment


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EDA Viewer+

The EDA Viewer+ is a package software for collecting detailed equipment data from EDA (Interface A) supported equipment through the EDA interface. A high quality EDA data collection system can be constructed by just starting the EDA Viewer+.

Equipment data collection tool

The equipment data collection tool is a tool for monitoring SECS communication between the equipment and the host computer to collect the necessary data. The data that do not exist in the existing SECS communication messages can be acquired. By introducing the equipment data collection tool to an existing production line, equipment data for the upper-level EES can be collected.

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