Meiden Pure Ozone Generator

Semiconductor manufacturing equipmentPure Ozone Generator (High-concentration Ozone Gas Generator)

It is an unit that can safely and continuously produce ozone gas at the concentration level of nearly 100%.

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Product Features

Metal impurities-free. Supply ozone gas continuously.
Added gas treatment method
UV (ultraviolet ray excitation) ozone CVD processing method

Meiden Pure Ozone Generator is a unit that liquefies and stores the ozone gas and supplies high-purity ozone gas continuously. Because of high purity ozone level, it can be used as an oxygen radical generation source for a semiconductor process. For safety, the unit has sufficient safety measures.
Furthermore, this unit was jointly developed with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Japan.

  • Explosion-proof design for emergencies
  • During the power outage or abnormal situation, it can control temperature and pressure by a fail safe system.
  • Compliant with international safety standards SEMI-S2, UL, NFPA, CE, etc.
  • For safety level against gas leak it was proven by a tracer gas test by a third party cerfifying body.

Applications and Solutions

Removal of a stamper in nanoimprint (use of the added gas treatment method)

  • Complete removal of the resist attached to the stamper

Surface modification of the film (use of the added gas treatment method)

  • Improvement of the wetting property by the surface modification of the film


For specifications and outline drawing, see the catalog.

Applicable fields

Field Category Applicable technology Expectation effect
Environment Water treatment Pure ozone treatment method Disinfection, deodorization, and decolorization
Medical treatment Medical equipment Pure ozone treatment method Sterilization and pharmaceutical (organic synthesis)
Film FPD related Added gas treatment method Surface modification and coating of film for touch panels, etc.
Semiconductor mounting related Surface modification and coating of film for FPC, etc.
Food related Surface modification of packing material
Battery related Surface modification of film for solar cells, etc.
Materials Member Pure ozone treatment method Carbon nanotube modification and spherical silicon oxidation
Battery Electrodes Added gas treatment method Electrode member modification
Semiconductor Film forming process •Pure ozone treatment method
•UV ozone CVD process method
•Added gas treatment method
Oxidation, CVD, insulating film modification, ashing, and dry cleaning
Lithography Photomask modification, precision part cleaning, and EUVL
Advanced system MEMS •Pure ozone treatment method
•Added gas treatment method
Ashing and dry cleaning
Nanoimprint Dry cleaning of stampers
Micromachining related High temperature superconductor film and molecular beam epitaxy (MBE)
Printed electronics Surface modification and coating before and after the printing step
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